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    EMI to sell recordings of live shows instantly at concerts

    They did this in Belgium a few years ago already with the concerts of Natalia :)
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    The Saturdays

    Re: The Saturdays - General Discussion Thread I rearrange the Wordshaker album tracklist and all of a sudden it sounds like a more cohesive album. 1 Wordshaker 2 One Shot 3 Loose Control 4 Ego 5 Not good enough 6 Open up 7 Forever is over 8 Here standing 9 2 am 10 No One .... Deeper has been...
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    Girls Aloud - Untouchable (New Single)

    Now all the buzz is crazy I wanna hear it as well.... please anybody :)
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    Rank Girls Aloud's singles

    1 Biology 2 Something Kinda Ooh 3 Call the shots 4 Sound of the Underground 5 Sexy No No No 6 Whole Lotta History 7 The Show 8 Wake Me Up 9 Long Hot Summer 10 No Good Advice 11 Love Machine 12 The Promise 13 Jump 14 I'll stand by you 15 Can't speak French 16 I Think we're alone now 17 Walk this...
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    The Best Of 2008 (and Worst Of 2008)

    These are my 50 of 2008: 1 Tocadisco - Streetgirls 2 Leona Lewis - Bleeding love 3 The Killers - Human 4 Kylie Minogue - Wow 5 Yelle - Cause de garcons 6 Junkie Xl - More 7 Freemasons - When you touch me 8 Danity Kane - Damaged 9 The Ting Tings - That's not my name 10 Discobitch - C'est beau le...
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    Girls Aloud - Out of Control

    I absolutely love the entire mood of the album... very dark, dancy and with the themes of settling down and relationship problems it is definetly two steps ahead from WWTNS? (the two steps being Chemistry and Tangled Up). For me the two things that stand out the most are the over-exposure of...
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    Girls Aloud - Out of Control

    Best. Example. Ever. Though I wonder if any of the GA albums will end up in the Louvre. Or in some Dan Brown book...
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    The Saturdays

    Re: The Saturdays - General Discussion Thread For me it's: 1 Chasing Lights 2 Keep her 3 Up (single version) 4 Issues 5 Work 6 Set Me Off The rest is ok, with Fall being weirdly out of place on the album. Can't get over the fact that Crashing Down isn't on it...
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    Star Pilots (new quite amazing boyband)

    Indeed. Ikea and Star Pilots.... LOL.
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    Sugababes - Catfights & Spotlights

    Totally agree. Didn't like anything I've heard until 'Truce' kicked in and I went to buy the thing... It had the same effect on me as Mended By You on the previous album....
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    Lady GaGa - Poker Face

    She wants to be Roisin but ends up being September... poor girl. She's just as commercial as the Jonas Brothers. If she wanted some more edge, she shoul have released some of the less polished tracks from the album...
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    Girls Aloud - Out of Control

    Are yous ure that were just clips? Not just her voice in general? I've listened to the clips, but they are def. off.... can't wait for the whole thing to come out and maybe some songs of the day the week before that mr PJ?
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    Girls Aloud - 'The Promise'

    Nadine sounds like a bloke in the beginning of the song... Can't wait for the live dvd!!!
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    Girls Aloud - 'The Promise'

    A number 1 for the song that got the baddest reception from the fans? Has Pop World really gone mad? What's next? Louis Walsh winning X Factor? It doesn't make any sense.... AT ALL
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    The Saturdays

    Re: The Saturdays - General Discussion Thread This is def a rough demo version of the album. The versions of Chasing Lights and Up are under-par from the versions we've heard so far. Wait until Monday to be truely surprised by the album.
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    Girls Aloud Albums

    Okay here is my review. I don't have a list of my top 4 albums or something as I tend to listen to the songs as one big album on my iPod. Tangled Up is a rougher and tougher version of Chemistry to me. Sexy No No No is this album's Wild Horses. It is rocky and get caught in its own brilliance...
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    Jessica Simpson - Do You Know

    OMG, very schoolbook country song. From How to write a country song For Dummies. But it's very catchy and I like it. Not as much as the Carrie Underwood songs, but it's a fun take on country music.
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    EliZe - General Discussion

    Re: EliZe (remember her?) Back! Poor girl. Don't know what went wrong with her carreer, but she had some great songs, but probably the wrong management. This song is not a comeback single, but maybe she needs to f*ck a radio dj to get some airplay
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    Kate Ryan - Free (4th Album with CLEA cover!) / General UK Launch

    Re: Kate Ryan - Free (4th Album with CLEA cover!) 3rd single? She has already release Voyage voyage/we all belong, LILY and Ella elle l'a as a single. I'm wondering what album will be release in Belgium. Her last album, Alive, had all the songs in English with the French versions as bonus...
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    Girls Aloud - Can't Speak French (18th Single)

    Never ever will they do a jazz version of SKO on their tour. They love the song too much the way it is. It is one of their biggest sellers, a real singalong and probably one of their biggest crowd pleasers on tour