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  1. mrsleaze

    Dandy Andy- My Lonely Valentine

    Well it's only taken 12 years - but I've been a bit busy. This finally gets a release tomorrow - for anyone still interested ;-)
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    Banderas - Ripe

    So annoying! I'll let Warner know.
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    Michelle Lawson

    I Just Wanna Say should have been a huge record. I'm shocked/thrilled to find the album on Spotify.
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    Banderas - Ripe

    Oh, is it not playing the Ripe album for you?
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    Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

    Still up there for me.
  6. mrsleaze

    Banderas - Ripe

    Happy Friday all - it's here at last on all digital platforms. Big thanks to Anfunny for his help.
  7. mrsleaze

    Dead Or Alive

    I think it wasn't until after SBB that they renegotiated their deal to include band approval - hence why SBB CR reissue was released without their consent. I think those early EP's masters will be about somewhere. Probably in a lock up somewhere in Liverpool. Pete was very vocal about his...
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    It's been a while...

    Oh. Perhaps this wasn't a good idea after all.
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    It's been a while...

    Having a major 00s revival and thought I'd come back and say hello and argue about pop and see if Annie is still the greatest pop star in the world.
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    The Reissue Thread!

  11. mrsleaze

    Neon Jungle

    Re: Neon Jungle (New RCA Girlband) - General Discussion Hunger Mag -
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    Kabba (A*M*E) - Note To Self EP + General Discussion

    Re: A*M*E - City Lights Ride Or Die video on PJ newspage -
  13. mrsleaze

    The Face

    I am so very excited by this band. 'Suicidal' is magical to my ears. You can't really go wrong with Anders Hansson and Le Kid behind the wheel. I believe Mr Bard and even Agnes share a co-write here and there. It's pretty much my pop dream. They were very good indeed at the This Must Be Pop...
  14. mrsleaze

    The Modern/Matinee Club

    Is it known they were also 'Dirty Blondes' when Tom Watkins was managing them...? That's when I came to hear of them. At the time they had an amazing cover of Roxy Music's 'Over You'. My fav track was Goodbye Means Forever (i think it was called that). Emma was amazing. I think she played a...
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    Kabba (A*M*E) - Note To Self EP + General Discussion

    Re: A*M*E - City Lights Next 'buzz' track - Ride or Die. Personally think this is good enough as a lead single.
  16. mrsleaze

    Kabba (A*M*E) - Note To Self EP + General Discussion

    Re: A*M*E - City Lights Not on the soundcloud... Love an old school, school tour... Love an all out hands in the air anthem. "Now don't you be so Heartless"
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    Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

    I'd like it very much if she'd just record a proper decent song again. The list of disappointments from the KM camp in the past 5 years is too depressing to deal with. I just kinda think in my head she stopped making records after 'I Believe In You'. I think if she wants to continue to make...
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    Lola - Relax

    Have a long time obsession with this girl, previously of 'No Strings (Let's Have Sex)', Mr Oizo's 'Two Takes It' and Dandy Andy's 'My Lonely Valentine' non-fame. Something of an all rounder, but hugely talented. She back with a new track 'Everybody Relax, We're All Gonna Die'. Great voice...
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    Kabba (A*M*E) - Note To Self EP + General Discussion

    Re: A*M*E - City Lights If Gary so much as fingers his ballad drawer with AME in mind, i will do a healthy stretch, and he will die. It's that simple.
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    The Reissue Thread!

    Re: The 80s CD reissue thread! (incl. Cherry Pop, Lemon, Edsel etc) It was remixed and included on the Maybe We Should Call It A Day single release.