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  1. mat.overboard

    Ariana Grande - thank u, next

    This could've easily been a Drake feat. I hear him all over it.
  2. mat.overboard

    Ariana Grande - thank u, next

    I can't see it debuting at #1, but I guess it might perform similarly to No Tears.
  3. mat.overboard

    Ariana Grande - thank u, next

    and she's apologized, but will she ever not joke about serious things?
  4. mat.overboard

    Little Mix - The Glory Days Tour

    >>LET >>>THERE >>>>BE >>>>>A >>>>>>TOUR >>>>>>>>>>>>>DVD Amen.
  5. mat.overboard

    Little Mix - The Glory Days Tour

    What is "good merch" for you guys? I always feel like ALL artists have the exact same merch options.
  6. mat.overboard

    The Saturdays

    only no
  7. mat.overboard

    The Saturdays

    Agreed. It has aged beautifully.
  8. mat.overboard

    Taylor Swift - reputation

    It wasn't enough that she had to release a horrible song now she's got this extremely embarrassing video out. I'm totally not here for that and I had high hopes for the begining of this new era. Sad. Don't get me wrong, the video is really well produced/directed, but it isn't Taylor to me...
  9. mat.overboard

    Taylor Swift - reputation

    So there we have it. A Taylor Swift first single that sounds like a Girls Aloud b-side in the worst possible way.
  10. mat.overboard

    Taylor Swift - reputation

    Taylor is so dark. Coming back to turn off all the lights.
  11. mat.overboard

    Katy Perry - Witness

    Let's just crown Gretchen kween of EARTH. Please. Right now. Thank you.
  12. mat.overboard


    new single is horrendous but the video is very above average so it's a half-bop
  13. mat.overboard

    Iggy Azalea - In My Defense

    I really enjoy it! It's a hit in Brazil, that's for sure. Worldwide? I wanna say yes, but...
  14. mat.overboard

    Ariana Grande - Sweetener

    And she's still have a LOT of room to improve on stage. She needs to bring her charisma from TV interviews and Instagram to her shows. She's still a bit weak when it comes to leading a full set, so she's got everything in her hands to make it as an incredible arena artist.
  15. mat.overboard

    Take That - III, Wonderland + Odyssey

    "Carnival" is indeed incredible, but I've always been in love with "The One" as it is quite possibly inside my Top3 favourite songs of all time. The lyrics are were so well thought and it's so freaking real. And "the art of doing nothing" means so much to me... Mark did a wonderful job with this...
  16. mat.overboard

    Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman

    I got no idea how I would react to this but OH MY GOD yes. Little Mix could easily feature on any song and all 5 of them would sleighhh us in the most literal way.
  17. mat.overboard

    Lady Gaga - The Joanne World Tour

    I'm going to be in freaking Madrid when her show's in Barcelona! Guess I'm gonna have to book a flight... oh well.
  18. mat.overboard

    HMV (+ Fopp xx)

    I remember going to the UK for the first time in January 2008 and making "going to HMV" my number one thing to do when I got to London. I actually felt emotional as I didn't have CDs and singles from artists I loved here in Brazil. I looked through the singles shelves for minutes and couldn't...
  19. mat.overboard

    Adele 25 Live 2016-2017

    Definitely not sure. Actually think she won't even bother, which would be a very stupid move.