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    Y’all know Kansas City is not in Kansas… right?
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    Kylie Minogue - Extension: The Extended Mixes (Dec 8)

    This might be the freshest sounding song she's released since Aphrodite/Kiss Me More era.
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    The right sleeve picture is here in this gallery, which also has a super comprehensive amount of photos from the rest of her career and most tour dates. Not sure if the pic on the left has been released unfortunately.
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    Destiny’s Child

    Survivor being rush recorded in 12 days because of their crazy schedules at the time and a rush to capitalize on Independent Women definitely hurt the quality of the record but they were right to strike while the iron was hot and play off the messy media attention they'd received. According to...
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    Geri Halliwell

    Lots of very unknown performers who are also multi-millionaire former zeitgeist influencing pop stars get their foot in the door as up-and-coming actors by blowing the socks of a director with a screen test for a role in a movie based on a PlayStation game that has heavy connections with her...
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    Destiny’s Child

    It’s been 10 years since I got into Destiny’s Child and no one’s convinced me that it’s a good idea to have two members who haven’t performed live in 10+ years (one of whom never even did a solo album cycle) on a stage with the other girls, especially when Beyoncé holds herself back as it is in...
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    Is there anyone who would be willing to trade me a razor fang to evolve my Gligar with in Brilliant Diamond? I put the game down like 6 months ago because I wanted to evolve it and found out I couldn't till the post-game, so I'm trying to pick it back up.
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    Did she really plan to release three whole albums before she toured though? Because she definitely never even alluded to that, just that Renaissance was act one of a three act project. As far back as October she was aiming to tour this summer and booking stadiums, even if the visuals had come...
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    Basically what Vas said about her not liking them + look for Yvette's press statement about dancers that came out of nowhere because that plays a part.
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    I understand the upset essays at this point because I had been dragging her for it too, but there's a reason we don't have visuals. There's a reason a certain statement was made in the way they have been to the press about for the tour that absolutely reflects on the visuals delay if you connect...
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    Rihanna - 9th Album

    That tired Sorry-esque choreo that hasn't been updated since her dancers were doing it at the 2016 VMAs was boring, and considering Rihanna wasn't really giving anything but mug (and I give her credit for even that considering how pregnant she is! she was able to give just as much on stage as...
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    BEYONCÉ - RENAISSANCE World Tour 2023

    Seeing her with my bf in Tampa, wanted Club Ren but I got waitlisted and didn't get a code till it was mid-presale. Front row of the first level and right in the middle so we should have a perfect view of the whole production. It'll be my first time not on the floor seeing her, but I refused to...
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    BEYONCÉ - RENAISSANCE World Tour 2023

    Crazy in Love is not going anywhere put down the poppers yall
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    BEYONCÉ - RENAISSANCE World Tour 2023

    Tampa here we come! UK hunties, any clue why she's doing a different stadium than Wembley?
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    Zara Larsson - Venus (Feb 9)

    The label not wanting to support Don't Worry Bout Me derailed everything. All The Time should have been #1 in 20 countries I'll stand by that forever.
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    It’s getting weird to me that there was nowhere near this much vitriol directed on here towards Kylie literally weeks ago, Dua Lipa, Gaga, Madonna, or Elton John. Very peculiar.
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    That foot surgery news terrifies me but it also 100% makes sense why the rest of the era may have been reshuffled and/or delayed in some capacity. Take until Dec. 2023 on visuals queen if it means a fully healed foot.
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    Destiny’s Child

    Some fun gay trivia for everyone tonight that I've never seen before. In 2005, RuPaul filmed a skit with Destiny's Child for Fashion Rocks, but it was cut from the broadcast. Also worth noting is that Lose My Breath was his third most played song of the year with Destiny's Fulfilled on the same...
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    Spice Girls

    Spiceworld being rushed to coincide with the movie while also leaning into all their campiest aesthetic really locked down the kid market and didn't have nearly as much crossover listening appeal as Spice. I definitely agree about an album in between. Plus it might have pushed Forever out into...
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    Kylie Minogue

    Kids is absolutely camp with how seriously it takes itself and how simultaneously corny it is. Maybe I'm partial because I would force my straight friends in high school to listen to it on GTA V's pop station whenever we played online together.