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  1. Breakfast2

    Blog spam

    Can we have a new rule that users post the direct source of something rather than crap link bait or blog spam. There is someone doing that all the time now with some PopFreak blog. Very irritating.
  2. Breakfast2

    Luigi Masi - Got It On Lock (2nd Album)

    This is out on Friday. Has PJ heard it? Any more Saturdays rejects on it? What is this Crazy In Love-realness:
  3. Breakfast2

    Cover Drive - All My Love

    Pretty weak lead single. But then again so was the awful Lick You Down. Bring on the second single.
  4. Breakfast2

    Beyoncé - 12 Roses

    Let's go! B-Queen.
  5. Breakfast2

    James Arthur - Impossible [Shontelle cover]

    Who's ready for Matt Cardle 2.0?
  6. Breakfast2

    Cassie - Money On Love (2nd single)

    The demo leaked last year: back when it was known as 'Don't Lose It'. Just confirmed internally today for release. Forget about the flop that is 'King of Hearts', this will smash hard. Get it Cassie.
  7. Breakfast2

    'Stay pressed'

    For fucks sake, can we just ban anyone who utters this moronic phrase one more time. This forum is turning to shit again because of it.
  8. Breakfast2

    Jessie J - Domino

    It's the lead track from her re-release and next single in US.
  9. Breakfast2

    Blog spam

    Anyone else sick of certain members posting links to their blogs in response to posts like 'where can I watch it' or 'where can I hear it'? Just give us the direct link to YouTube or whatever. Worst offender is a certain mod here. Your 'blog' is 'never going to happen' so please just quit...
  10. Breakfast2

    Pia Toscano - This Time

    What is with nobody starting new threads these days. All the rips have been taking down by Interscope, so here's a TV performance...
  11. Breakfast2

    Cover Drive - Lick Ya Down Nobody started a thread? Mess. JR Rotem produced right? Horrible island/pop about 3 years late. Look out for the guy in the chorus doing his lines, hilarious.
  12. Breakfast2

    SockMonkey and Someboy

    You two are amazing. Keep it up. That is all.
  13. Breakfast2

    Jordin Sparks - "Stop This Feeling" + General Discussion

    Yes yes yes. Produced by Ryan Tedder. Get that smash Sparks, third time lucky!
  14. Breakfast2

    Forum description change

    Dear PJ, Please consider adding 'quizzes' to the 'Lists, charts and questions leading to lists and charts" forum. So it will change from: "Despite its confusing name, this forum is for your lists, charts and odd questions leading to lists and charts." to... "Despite its confusing name, this...
  15. Breakfast2

    Stupid quiz thread

    Now with an even longer title. Can it please not be moved to General where rubbish like that belongs?
  16. Breakfast2

    The Black Eyed Peas - Bang Bang Get It

    Yes seriously. First single from new album 'The Beginning'. Should premiere next week!
  17. Breakfast2

    Mindless Behavior (mini JLS) - My Girl

    Oh dear. I'm not sure if they're like 10 or actually they're midgets?
  18. Breakfast2

    Crap spelling

    I can't be the only one completely annoyed at this board's rubbish spelling? I don't know how many posts I've reported to mods and nothing seems to be done about it. The same users over and over again are posting with terrible capitalising, punctuation, phrasing... Then there are some users...
  19. Breakfast2

    Alesha Dixon - The Entertainer

    Someone on the forum asked me to dig for info on Alesha's new stuff so here you are! First single. Out September I think? Not sure. But we should hear it soon.
  20. Breakfast2

    The elmsyrup mystery

    Don't even ask how I found this, I was just browsing an old thread... So this 'elmsyrup' user (;u=97) was a global moderator here (and still is to this day) yet she vanished from this site nearly 4 years ago with...