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    Red Blooded Women

    i cant wait for this album, its going to be brilliant. this megamix really is what a megamix should be.
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    The Veronicas - Hook Me Up (new single & album to come)

    The new single is rather catchy, and the album is pretty good. I didnt really pay much attention to their debut but I think the new one will do good. I am in love with "Take Me on the Floor" It has to be the next single , it has such good potential. Who Else has a opinion?
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    Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree

    Re: Goldfrapp - The Comeback! Honestly, I didn't think of picking this album because I head that its very different then any thing they have ever done. It's not how I like my Goldfrapp but there is something about it that makes me want to listen to it. Its a very wintery album, perfect to watch...
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    Girls Aloud - Tangled Up revisited

    Chemistry felt all over the place, it just wasnt consistent at all. You had great numbers like models, biology, and wild horses .... and then it felt apart. I really couldnt stand racey lacey and the rest of the tracks. It picked up again with No Regrets. The reason I like Tangled Up because...
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    Kylie Minogue - X (album discussion)

    nu-di-ty is fantastic. it sounds so unique. i don't think it could be a single but its still a strong track on the album.. i dont get how anyone couldnt like it.
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    Sugababes - Change

    The really need to do something , because the video for change was horrible. Ive watched it three times and I still have no idea what is going on.
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    No male artists in the industry!

    Maybe we just needs Abs to come back.
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    Kylie on the cover of Attitude and more X promo shoot

    When is Dannii finally going to get that mainstream magazine cover :(
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    The vocoder

    you forgot all the monstrosities that are t-pain songs.
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    When is the Beyonce backlash coming?

    I find her to be so annoying.
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    Girls Aloud - Tangled Up revisited

    I am currently obsessed with What You Crying For.. Its such a amazing song.
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    Kylie Minogue - X (album discussion)

    Ripping up the Disco reminds me of everything , I love about Kylie. I don't understand what the song is a bonus track its way better then All I see. I think thats the weakest song on the album , it reminds me of Body Language. I wish she would have just took it off the album
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    Sugababes - Change

    Eventhough Change sounds so strange, It's really a great track. I like how its a different sound for them. The adlibs are simply fantastic. Once again Amelle completely owns the track.
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    JC Chasez - Kate

    I thought he was dropped from his label. His best song was "Come to Me". it's a shame his album felt so flat.
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    Britney Spears

    Nothing cures losing your children like shopping and a day at the tanning salon
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    Sugababes - Change

    After hearing the whole version of NGDA, I think that's my favorite track so far. I mean Xenomania and Sugababes. That is like heaven of earth. Amelle's voice in the start of it has to be the best part. I can't wait to buy the whole album, hopefully it will also get a US release. :(
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    Dannii Minogue vs Jason Nevins - Touch Me Like That

    I always think of Kelly Clarkson remixes when i think of Jason Nevins. I think this could have been a lot better then it is, I mean Dannii feels like she is holding back. It's no "come and get it", its not even near good as anything of Neon Nights.
  18. G - I Got It From My Mama (Daft Punk Remix)

    It's not like Daft Punk to just resample their old songs...... oh wait it is. I like the original Daft Punk song better, I saw 20 seconds and I had enough.
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    Sugababes - Change

    Re: Sugababes - Change (New Album & Tracklist) They all look fierce on the cover, even Heidi manages to pull it off. I like the whole yellow scheme in everything, even if it last springs color
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    Sugababes - Change

    Re: Sugababes - Change (New Album & Tracklist) I like all the fan made covers better then the proposed cover. Change sounds like it could be massive. I've only heard it live but it still sounds amazing. For Amelle's sake I hope they use the other promo shots for the cover