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    PJSC 115 - Revenge Of The Silver Foxes Bronzed For The Gods! Winner Revealed!

    THANK YOU, @fistcity and @Maki !!! Tictone and Konop met on a beach in 2002, during a jam session under the moonlight, the carefree spirit of youth, a saxophone and a sleepless night, songs to come and a future to build. This magical encounter is like a musical shooting star going full speed…...
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    PJXtra 15: Trivia Game - REVEALS NOW !

    THANK YOU, @TéléDex, @Attis, @Zar-Unity, @Maki, @saviodxl and @soratami !!! Deborah Medrez, also known as "Ziburta" or "Debowah" is a Mexican/American contralto singer and composer. Her versatility extends to different genres, everything from Chamber Pop, Folktronica, Indie Rock and Hebrew...
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    PJSC 114 Dreamy bops **Results finished! Big winner Crowned!**

    THANK YOU, @berserkboi, @Carel, @cleosnatchra, @Maki, @Filler, @If You Go and @Tiger Suit !!! Helaine Vis is a singer-songwriter from Kraków, Poland. A base of her music has always been simply - lyrics, emotions, a voice and a guitar. Her songs are memories, thoughts, stories, pages from her...
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    PJSC 111 - "All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend" - WINNER ANNOUNCED!

    No worries! I’ll only tag five members and that's it. I PROMISE! So... I still wonder what happened to @alejandrusco @Dejan @Jóga @Joli Chat (Miyawakiwi) and @Butterfly. I thought they liked the game.
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    PopJustice Song Contest 97 // We did done

    THANK YOU, @berserkboi, @Maki, @Phonetics Girl, @TéléDex, @Island, @Filippa, @soratami, @Carel, @Conan, @londonrain, @Filler, @Tiger Suit, @OspreyQueen, @Hurricane Drunk and @Lila!!! I’m really glad you liked the song! And the singer... WOW! What a beauty!!! Can't believe she's still underrated!
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    MORE Random Pop Thoughts

    One more underrated artist from Australia. Gailla - Crowning
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    PJ00s XXX - Confession Time - WINNER!!

    THANK YOU, @rawkey, @Tiger Suit, @pop3blow2, @Maki, @soratami, @DominoDancing and @Filler!!! Ane Trolle (born 1979) is a Danish singer and songwriter. She contributes notably on Trentemøller's album The Last Resort where she provides vocals for the song "Moan". Trolle is known for her...
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    PJSC (19) 95 - We have a WINNER!

    THANK YOU, @Tiger Suit, @Sprockrooster, @Carel, @Filippa, @livefrommelbs, @Maki, @2014, @Crisp X, @TéléDex, @Filler and @Ana Raquel!!! Based in New York City, Kacie Marie is a rising star in the industrial alt-pop world, having teamed up with the renowned producer Joel Hamilton for her latest...
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    PJXtra 5 - Table Manners Edition - Winner Announced!

    THANK YOU, @Tiger Suit, @klow, @Maki, @Phonetics Boy and @BeingNormal!!! She’s only 18, but Zlata Mai has already released a dashing debut record between pop and folk. It’s easier to get in the spotlight when you have access to resources. In particular, if your father is a well-established...
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    PJ00s XXIX: Camp is closed. Dogs forever.

    THANK YOU, @Oleander, @Maki, @Tiger Suit, @Phonetics Boy, @OspreyQueen, @Fuchsia, @Robsolete and @klow!!! Once again I'm gonna 'promote' my beautiful Nadéah: ABOUT NADEAH "If I was as iconic as Madonna, I would not need a biography." "If I was as young as Lorde's publicist says she is and...
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    PopJustice Snog/Song Contest 94: winner announced

    THANK YOU, @daninternational, @Filler, @Crisp X, @Phonetics Boy and @Island!!! Mimmi Tamba has a voice that fills the room and refuses to leave you careless. She explores the big emotions with expressive lyrics in a genre she defines as renaissance pop. She's a singer and songwriter who...
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    Oooh, people from Chile and their beautiful music... When I was a kid, they often visited my little town, but my parents didn’t buy me anything. I remember there were a lot of dreamcatchers (and maybe that's the reason why I love everything about dreamcatchers). I miss those good old days so...
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    THANK YOU, @Phonetics Boy, @Maki, @berserkboi, @rawkey, @Filippa and @klow!!! Although born in Novi Sad, Svetlana Slavković owes the beginnings of her career to Belgrade jazz scene and the cooperation with the most eminent jazz bands such as "Lazar Tosic Quintet" "RTS Big Band","Jovan...
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    PopJustice Snog/Song Contest 94: winner announced

    DELAURENTIS - Nostalgie pour un kiss ALA.NI - Ol' Fashioned Kiss Hindi Zahra - Kiss and Thrills Haley Reinhart - Last Kiss Goodbye Alice Francis - Kiss My Ass