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    RIP Tina Turner (1939-2023)

    Across various sites and streaming services, no two sources seem to agree on the song annotations or durations. However, looking at the liner notes in the above unboxing video, the new set should include several single versions I have wanted on CD for years. "Help!", "Afterglow", the promo edit...
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    The Reissue Thread!

    This is on 'Sophisticated Boom Box', I wonder why they couldn't license it here...
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    Sheryl Crow - "Alarm Clock" + Evolution (Mar 29)

    Love it! Love her!
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    Happy birthday, Queen!
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    'Greatest Hits' releases

    Rihanna would have a killer hits package.
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    The Reissue Thread!

    This forthcoming 'janet.' reissue is bothering me so much. Even if they only used stuff already available on CD and/or digital, there's 7 discs of material. Imagine a clamshell box containing... CD 1 - THE ORIGINAL janet. ALBUM CD 2 that's the way love goes (A/C Edit) 4:18 that's the way...
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    Janet Jackson

    Another wasted opportunity. Those are NOT the bonus mixes I would have chosen. I thought they might have at least used the full image of her for the cover of the deluxe 3 LP set...something like the janet. video collection laserdisc from 1994:
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    Ace of Base

    I finally had a chance to dig into the new 'Beautiful Life: The Singles' box today... It is pretty damn incredible, and an excellent companion piece to 2020's 'All That She Wants: The Classic Collection' set. Though several full-length remixes and a few unique versions that were originally...
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    Sheryl Crow

    Congratulations to Sheryl Crow, who will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year! "I’m blown away... I really didn’t expect it. I was more braced for, “Okay, there’s...
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    Luscious Jackson

    Devastated by Vivian Trimble's passing. Her recordings with Luscious Jackson, Kostars and Dusty Trails populate a large percentage of my "desert island discs" list, and I always hoped to hear new music from her at some point.
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    Madonna - 15th Album

    Just casually posting a studio photo of that magnitude... Where is the regard for our collective health and wellness?
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    Oh my god.
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    RIP Tina Turner (1939-2023)

    I enjoyed watching Camden Palace and the promo videos as well! 31 years have passed and I still can't understand why "Typical Male" and "Two People" were left off of the 'Simply The Best' video collection. Really happy to have them now. Oddly, "What You Get Is What You See" looks poor on the...
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    Debbie Gibson

    Now that Cherry Pop have wrapped up their comprehensive Debbie Gibson deluxe editions campaign, here's a list of the few missing tracks from her first four albums that are available elsewhere on CD releases. Only In My Dreams (Extended Club Mix - Alternate) A unique extended version that first...
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    Mariah Carey

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    Eurythmics & Annie Lennox

    I believe the 3:30-ish version is just the album version, which was also the single and video versions. The 4:56 version used on their 'Greatest Hits' album is the extended remix originally found on 12" singles in 1982-'83. The 1991 remix has lots of extra overdubs:
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    The Reissue Thread!

    Well, that Def Club Mix version of "Got 'Til It's Gone" was never released on CD, so they must have gotten some material out of the vaults. Unless they're about to piss me off with a needledrop.
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    Rina Sawayama - Hold the Girl

    Album sounds great! Gagged by Rina practically covering Madonna.