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    Taylor Swift - evermore

    As if going vegan were a negative thing...
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    I went to one of his recent US shows and....WOW. Consider me shooketh. His voice is outstanding, his runs impeccable, the range so astounding. He played a giant setlist, giving people what they wanted and more. The dancers were such a surprise and out of this world. They complemented him so...
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    Britney Spears

    I remember her saying in an interview (it was a video, I believe?) that she herself was surprised and didn't really understand why this video won when she had put out other better ones. Would be interested in finding that interview again!
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    Romanian Pop - General Genre Discussion

    INNA and Antonia are fantastic. Never thought I'd get to see INNA on tour but she's doing the States.....consider me perched. Any clues what to expect from the set?
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    Britney Spears

    The Britney album cover is so iconic...forever trying to imitate her hand clasping sitch from there. I think nothing beats the simplicity and alien-like quality of the ITZ cover, though
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    Astrid S

    Sophia Somajo (Sapphire, Klein Blue, etc) posted on her insta story just the other day that she was in the studio with Astrid. Would be exciting to hear what they come up with, love both of their styles.
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    Hi there! My name's Or, and I'm a massive fan of good pop music. But who's to say what counts as "good" (Scandi pop's a good starting ground, no?)? I'm excited to have interesting conversations with you all about this and more. I've been a lurker for quite some years now, so figured it was...