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  1. lutz

    Mina .. Italy’s ( and maybe the worlds ) most amazing singer

    I spent all afternoon listening to Mina and kept thinking that she should be one of the biggest stars worldwide.. her voice is phenomenal and I defy anybody not to cry like a baby listening to .. e penso a te ( live dalla bussola)
  2. lutz

    Purple Disco Machine

    I couldn’t find a threat for this .. Hypnotized has become an obsession lately and gets more addictive with every listen. It’s Popjustice Song of the year and it’s mine too
  3. lutz

    Working Men's Club - Debut Album

    I'm kinda obsessed with this at the moment , difficult to describe synth-techno-pop , sounding retro and fresh at the same time, and right up my street.. anybody else ?
  4. lutz

    Confinement listening binges.. what is yours?

    Because I have so much more time on my hands I've been listening to so much stuff today: Robyn's Honey Shura Forevher all of Muna (still prefer the 1st album though) all of Donna Summer's discography , especially 'Once upon a time' which is INCREDIBLE The Slow Rush by Tame Impala which is...
  5. lutz

    This song/Band reminds me so much of Hurts!

    Iris, "Annie would I lie to you"
  6. lutz

    Robyn "Hang With Me" new version

    She can do no wrong, The perfect follow-up to my favourite song of 2010!
  7. lutz

    Ladytron/Christina "Birds Of Prey"

    How amazing is this? If only the whole album had been like this. Made me fall in love with Ladytron all over again
  8. lutz


    After reading about Jingles I realized I had forgotten how much I loved Sexus, Edenites and "the official end" were amazing, and I have never heard the mythical third single ..they did Synth long before it resurfaced in the mid 00s, at a time when it seemed impossible that this kind of music...
  9. lutz

    Kent "Röd" new album and single "Törntana"

    has anyone heard the album yet? I love the new single, and I have passed the last six months listening to nothing else but "Isola" and "Hagnesta Hill". I am so hooked on this band, it has become an obsession.
  10. lutz

    Kent ,any fans?

    I bought "Isola", by Kent in Stockholm a few weeks ago, had never listened to them before, but it was "special price"..and.. I literally can't stop listening to it. Any fans here? Any tips on what to get next by them?
  11. lutz

    White Lies

    Theres no thread, and the album has just become an obsession. They seem to be getting so much flack for being "clones", of Joy Division, Killers, Interpol..but who cares if the songs are this good? and his voice..
  12. lutz

    "Day and Age" The Killers New Album

    Anybody heard it yet? I can't wait,loved the last two albums, and adore Human
  13. lutz

    Robyn in Paris

    Saw Robyn here in Paris the other day, and god was she amazing! What a brilliant popstar she is, and live she is just incredible. Can't wait for new material now, even if I'm still not sick of "Robyn".
  14. lutz

    Cloetta Paris "Secret Eyes" album

    Got the album yesterday, its great! Anybody else?
  15. lutz

    Ladytron new album Velocifero

    Has anybody heard anything? Cant wait to hear it , love Ghosts, the new single.
  16. lutz

    Chromatics IV album

    anybody loves this as much as I do?
  17. lutz

    The Ark - General Discussion

    Does anybody else love their new album? I listen to it constantly, it really is fantastic, and imo almost their best album,( apart from In Lust We Trust ). They ''ll be representing Sweden at Eurovision, with what to me is the weakest song on the album.Still rooting for them to win of course.
  18. lutz

    Erik Faber

    I came across one of his songs on the wonderful "Alienhits"blog, and fell in love with it, which made me buy the album "Passages", and its turned out to be amazing!
  19. lutz

    what has happened to Lorraine?

    Anybody knows? There were supposed to be on the brink of superstardom, at least in my eyes. "I feel it" is my fave song of the last 12 months, and with "tell me where you wanna go", and "saved" in waiting it felt like there were to become they've released a cover of an ok-ish song...
  20. lutz

    "Dancing Queen" by Texas Lightning

    Has anybody heard this? I came across it on a blog called "alienhits" (which by the way is fantastic), and it has been on constant repeat throughout the weekend.It 's rare that I like coverversions of ABBA songs, but this is definitely an exception!