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    Tell me about Logic Pro

    I'm thinking of buying Logic Pro for my Mac, and I was wondering if anyone here had used it or had experiences with it, for better or for worse. Is it worth my money? Do I need much extra equipment? Have any fairly high-profile songs been made entirely or mostly with Logic? I'm looking...
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    The greatest thing to ever appear on Popjustice

    "Popjustice encourages responsible drinking" I had nothing to do on the train today so I did what I do every couple of months: I returned to this absolutely fucking hilarious article that appeared after a Lady...
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    What's that song? Vol. 1745: Extra Vague Deluxe Edition

    Right so I heard this song last night and I know I know it, it may even be in my collection, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it is. It is a dance song, it has a "thumping" club beat and it's only lyrics are "Yea-aa-aah" repeated over and over again by a sort of distant, processed...
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    Cleopatra - Cleopatra's Theme CD single artwork?

    Does anyone have this artwork as a square, at least 300x300, suitable for iTunes? Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to find. The closest I can get is a photo of the card sleeve with all scuffs and sticky tape on it. Disgusting. I'm re-ripping all my CDs and making sure this time around nothing goes in...
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    The Supremes

    I've just finished reading the amazing book The Supremes: A Saga Of Motown Dreams, Success & Betrayal, which everyone with an interest in Motown girl groups pop music should read. What a fucked up story. Y'all think Sugababes are a band with a history of bitchiness? Those wannabes wish they...
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    Popular music within popular culture

    I couldn't decide where to put this thread, so do move if it needs to be moved. There'll probably be spoilers in this thread too so beware etc. I was just watching the last episode of The OC season two, and decided that my favourite use of music in a TV show is about half of Imogen Heap's...
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    The longest and shortest songs in your iTunes

    Technically the longest song in my iTunes is 'Lumiere' by Camille at 31:29, but a good portion of that is just one long note, so the longest proper song is Yoko Ono's 'Fly' at 22:52, which beats Kraftwerk's 'Autobahn' by five seconds. Technically the shortest song is Janet Jackson's 'Let's...
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    Adam Tyler - The Ghost Of Christmas Past

    You might know Adam Tyler from his posts here - he's released a Christmas song and it is very good indeed. Not at all "jingle bells!", it's very "alternative Christmas song" and the vocals on the chorus are done especially well and basically I like it a lot and I think some of you might as well...
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    Unexpected rapping in pop songs

    "We're comin' right back at ya no R.I.P. Not forgetting the days when we were all wannabes Spice it up through and through through and through to the limit They all try and diss us but there ain't nothin' in it We started a trend that they all imitated A new generation of Spice we created You...
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    Happy birthday Tribal Spaceman!

    HAPPY BERFS, YEH? Somebody probably gave you this last year, if so, REPEAT CAKE! I like the way they managed to ice "" into the cake. ANYWAY Have a great birthday and lots of love from one place with a funny name to another.
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    Those hilarious videos with cartoon people and computerised voices

    If they have a proper name please do let me know. I am addicted to them. They are quite funny indeed. Please do share your favourites. Keisha vs Cheryl Keisha vs Cheryl Part 2
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    If you were a popstar, who would you get to write your songs?

    Or if you fancy yourself as a bit of a songwriter, who would you work with? If you could have any lyricist in the world. I'd work with Richard O'Brien (writer of The Rocky Horror Show), Darren Hayes, Kate Bush and Patrick Leonard. If I could only work with one of those it'd be Darren Hayes...
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    Now That's What I Call 2009!

    All my awaited albums this year are pretty much out (just waiting on Shock Value 2) and so I've been evaluating the year in music and whatnot and remembered this. We did something similar last year and it was a lot of fun so I think we should do it again. The 411 Fill one CD as jam packed as...
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    Happy birthday Manila Chinchila!

    HE'S 21! YOU CAN DRINK IN AMERICA NOW! PS You are amazing and Happy Birthday and *internet hug*
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    Michael Jackson - This Is It So it's been confirmed, and the release date is October 30 (for Australia, at least, I assume the rest of the world will be that or quite close to it). Of course I wish it didn't have to exist, but I am excited for it. From a strictly...
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    A question about the Retro forum.

    Hi. Not to be a Pedantic Paul or anything, but I was under the impression that the Retro forum was for discussing older work of current artists. At the moment the forum is filled (FILLED) with threads that really belong over in the Retirement Village subforum, i.e. they're threads about defunct...
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    Hilariously shit songs

    'Life' by Des'ree just came on the radio and reminded me that I almost wet myself with laughter at how awful the song is - her stupid voice, her stupid lyrics, "doo doo doo doo". What other songs are so bad they're funny? They can't be "boring" or "generic", they have to be bad to the point of...
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    The Nanny

    The hair! The clothes! The running jokes! The looking straight at the audience! The facial expressions! The guest stars! Niles! CC! Sylvia! Yetta! "MISS FINE!" Not to mention the greatest theme music in the history of television. All in all, amazing. Yes? Yes.
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    Tales of the schoolyard

    There are some hilarious stories of school being told in the Love/Hate thread and I think we should have a thread especially for them. Come one, come all, share your tales of school hilarity, embarrassment and woe!
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    Madonna - Confessions On A Dance Floor vinyl question

    Does anyone know how rare (if it is rare at all) the pink vinyl version of Madonna's Confessions is? I bought it today, new, for 30 dollars, which I thought was a total BARG but also led me to believe it probably isn't as rare as I thought it was.