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  1. Smooth Criminal

    Mariah Carey

    Intrusive thought that if she doesn't get #1 this year, whether they will ease off on the over-investment in AIWFCIY and it will bring us back to non-Christmas projects. Or knowing her team they will just double down twice as hard next year.
  2. Smooth Criminal

    Benjamin Ingrosso

    European tour announced - covering Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain and Finland in April.
  3. Smooth Criminal

    Delta Goodrem

    Proud of my self-restraint and ability to draw the line at I Honestly Love You! Thrilled to have Child of the Universe and Wings of the Wild so soon.
  4. Smooth Criminal

    Heidi Montag

    Spencer confirmed on Instagram a vinyl is in the works!
  5. Smooth Criminal

    Cher - Christmas

    The streams for DJ Play A Christmas Song are finally picking up - manifesting this becomes a festive staple.
  6. Smooth Criminal

    Tamar Braxton - "Changed" (Mar 17) + General Discussion

    10 years later... Watching Me (Yup I Know It) is finally on Spotify.
  7. Smooth Criminal

    Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

    I am listening to Pageant Material on a lazy Saturday morning… whew. It’s so full of delicate melodies and smart lyrics. It really does not get its flowers as much as it should.
  8. Smooth Criminal


    Delayed reaction to this but his London show was amazing. A really tight setlist that did not relent in terms of the hits. I was really taken aback by his star power and the quality of his vocals. It was quite incredible though how many people were there because of the Netflix movie. I thought...
  9. Smooth Criminal

    Paris Hilton

    She confirmed the birth of her daughter, London.
  10. Smooth Criminal

    Shakira - "El Jefe" + General Discussion

    To be honest, the fine she paid is pennies to someone like her - that’s even leaving aside the fact she just sold her catalog and that she’d been paying Bahamas level income tax through the Laundry Service / Oral Fixation years.
  11. Smooth Criminal

    Shakira - "El Jefe" + General Discussion

    The whole thing is so weird ddd If she was innocent, it would have been the easiest thing in the world to prove how many days she spent in Spain given her public status. Equally, if she knew she couldn’t do that she should have just taken this plea deal months ago.
  12. Smooth Criminal

    Britney Spears

    I’d happily just take Over To You Now on streaming!
  13. Smooth Criminal

    Delta Goodrem

    Both of the latest vinyl releases are beautiful. Listening to Delta back to back is always a wonderful listen, even if I can feel the rage swelling up inside me that Breathe In Breathe Out / Take Me Home / Right Here in My Heart lost out on a spot on the track list to… One Day. I can’t wait for...
  14. Smooth Criminal

    Benjamin Ingrosso

    King is going out on tour again: It really feels like he has a lot of momentum behind him. 2024 really feels like his now or never moment to go global if the material is right.
  15. Smooth Criminal

    Mariah Carey

    Where is Bryan Tanaka? I feel like she’s not been seen with him for almost 9 months.
  16. Smooth Criminal

    Mariah Carey

    Obviously I stan but I feel nauseous at the thought of the next album campaign being abandoned or delayed because of the marketing pull of #AllIWantforChristmas30
  17. Smooth Criminal

    Shakira - "El Jefe" + General Discussion

    This is not me trying to be funny because I am perched for a tour, but can you even get insured if you are facing potential jail time ddd
  18. Smooth Criminal

    The Veronicas - "Perfect" + GOTHIC SUMMER (2024)

    If they are doing Hoopla next year - surely a solo London show is inevitable?
  19. Smooth Criminal

    RuPaul's Drag Race UK

    The puppet challenge was such a waste - it could have been really funny had they been given sufficient time to prepare. The way they all went up there with absolutely nothing to say ddd
  20. Smooth Criminal

    Slayyyter - STARFUCKER (Deluxe)

    Girl Like Me is such a shimmery bop. I am obsessed. Shocked that it is not one of the most streamed.