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    Lions Head

    Apologies if I've missed an already existing thread about him - searched and couldn't find anything. Have loved all his singles since True Love, and his new single So Mean is really great - I've had it playing all week. Anyone else a fan?
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    Chinese Pop - General Genre Discussion

    Just reading my above post back a few days later, I'm hoping nobody thought I was being anti Mandarin or chinese, I was just saying sometimes I think it is a shame there isn't more Cantonese pop produced! I love lots of all sorts of chinese pop!
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    Chinese Pop - General Genre Discussion

    Taiwan speaks Mandarin Chinese, where as Eason Chan's song is in Cantonese Chinese, which is spoken in Hong Kong and some parts of Mainland China. Its the other way around for me, Cantonese has a more rounded and beautiful feel to it, where as the sounds in Mandarin are less clear, which I...
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    Chinese Pop - General Genre Discussion

    Hey everyone! Long time reader here, who's joined just to see if anyone else loves the new stuff that Eason Chan is releasing? I can't get enough of all his Swing collaborations: ps Love G.E.M so much!