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    Voices With Soul -Like A Lady

    Hey I like those. I grew up on my mum''s Motown and Northern Soul collection. Mix that with cheesy 80s pop and this is what you get, so it''s kind of me all over.
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    Thank god I''m not the only one behind on Helllogoodbye. Then again you didn''t ask what the hell it was in Q&A yesterday, Kittylips. Doh.
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    Voices With Soul -Like A Lady

    It''s all down to Ian Levine. GENIUS.
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    Voices With Soul - New Video

    It is cheap, but you''ve got to love Ian Levine. Haven''t you?
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    The most 80s video ever.

    Yeah I probably should have said "the most late-70s-looking-but-made-in-the-80s-Buggles-on-Acid-video-ever".
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    The most 80s video ever. Limbo Koblaz & The TV Set - Doctor Edison I don''''t know if anyone will actually like this, but this is definitely the most 80s video I have ever seen. It''''s Buggles on acid (but better) and with backing vocals by someone called the Neon Girls, so...
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    Abz - Stop Sign

    Me too! It was his best really, the most original anyway.
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    Infernal - Ten Miles

    The album is a new entry at 44. Could be worse I guess. Doesn''t spell a new single though I don''t think, sadly.
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    Alcazar Come Home

    Disagree. I think by the time the International version of Casino was released, they had the formula down pat, and it was a formula, but one that worked well. I really loved Tears Of A Clone actually, for the clever title more than anything, though the cold, 80s-esque synths helped.
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    Whistling Song

    They really need to re-release Peter Bjorn & John''s version. It''s a surefire number one now.
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    Rock song that sounds like a dance song?

    Doh! Feel stupid now, should have known that... thanks!
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    Rock song that sounds like a dance song?

    Hi. I heard a song today that I don''t know if i''ve ever heard before, and I''ve got a horrible feeling it''s by someone really shite, but in itself it was pretty great... It''s kind of a rock song and kind of a dance song (AKA rock music that sounds like dance music, one of my favourite...
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    Weird to see Rick "slightly wankable" Guard on there. I wondered what happened to him after Stop It I Like It.
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    I heard about this a while back. I''m not sure if you''re street-teaming but it''s an interesting service. My only thought - couldn''t you use a program like Soundforge and edit out the advert? Highly illegal I know...
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    Infernal - I Won't be Crying

    It''s always been fairly easy on t''internet. Where did you get it for £1.99? The only one I can find is £16!
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    Big Brother 8.

    Apparently tonight''s male entrant (erk) could kick off the comeback of Northern Line...
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    MeMe Roth and her Comments about Weight

    What a complete moron she is. I''''ll admit that I''''ve never heard of her before. But Jordin is hardly a 300-pound heifer. I''''ve had weight issues during my life myself, and to be honest I''''m only just now beginning to get things under control. The amount of obesity in this country is...
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    Possible Eurovision winner - Russia-Ukraine mash-up

    You wren''t missing that much. Thanks anyway.
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    Alistair Griffin

    Yay! A local boy! Not that I''m a local boy or like it much around here, but at least it proves we can turn out something except dole scroungers. Alistair wasn''t bad, Hungry For Love was an awesome song, but much improved by Dutch boyband Di-Rect.
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    ticket prices concerts

    Forgot about Woman In Love. Not as good as Dionne Warwick''s Heartbreaker, but not bad.