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    Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show (2024 Tour)

    Hoping beyond hope… that the exclusive presale will be with some new music… Either way so so happy! Now the agony of trying for tickets!
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    Oh I love it My only hope was for a studio full version of “if you could read my mind”. Alas. Maybe one day. Can’t wait for part 2!!!
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    Seen Victorious and immediately thought of Lina from Alcazars Melodifestivalen entry! BUT oh wow... just when you thinks Steps couldn’t get any sexier. Love the video!
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    Kim Petras - Slut Pop Miami

    Hadn’t really been a fan or had her on my radar but after seeing her perform at Manchester Pride I think I’ll be more invested! Great performer. Fun upbeat and bubbly. Lovely
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    Watching one of your idols slay a pride stage like that is a very special moment. She really went all out beginning to end. Still in shock at Nails Hair Hips Heels! She had the audience eating out the palm of her hand. Totally electric atmosphere and something I’ll remember for the rest of my...
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    Ariana Grande - thank u, next

    Thankfully we got there early (feel so bad for those refused entry been involved in pride chaos before in our home town and it’s not pleasant) Despite the chaos - Ariana was incredible. Her final song One Last Time I think gave the whole audience chills and it felt special to share that moment...
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    Steps - What The Future Holds Tour

    They were fantastic in Glasgow last night and really had the crowd going. As mentioned though the sound quality was awful! Through no fault of their team though by all accounts! Echo the words of W2K!
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    Kylie - Golden Tour 2018/19

    2 Standing for Glasgow in the bag! Happy enough with that... The atmosphere was electric last time! Can't wait!
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    Kylie Minogue - Golden

    Well it's just fabulous! Enough tongue in cheek, choreography, sparkle to make it one of my all time favourite Kylie videos! A new classic.
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    Kylie Minogue - Golden

    Can we have the video now please? Addicted to the track, so catchy and it really does glitter. I imagine if theres a remix package it will be even more magical!
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    Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? (Mar 8) + General Discussion

    Oh my! can't wait to see how this turns out... looks like a well thought out and put together setup!
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    What a great quality of audio from this Belfast digital download! Praying wishing hoping for a full version of "If you could read my mind" its glorious!
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    Hello! I'm Sean After being a lurker for many many years, I've decided to make my dramatic debut! Give me Kylie, Steps, Girls Aloud, Eurovision... a bit of eurodance, clubland and some Cher! Love Popjustice! Love the forums. Sx