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  1. ThisIsRogue

    #KSO⚖Y2023: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2023 Rate | #92: “the sound of a rusted door hinge that desperately needs oil”

    Dubi Dubi was mid at best. Its one highlight is that it has something memorable about it with that hook. Love it or hate it, I can’t say the same for a lot of other songs in the rate.
  2. ThisIsRogue

    #KSO⚖Y2023: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2023 Rate | #92: “the sound of a rusted door hinge that desperately needs oil”

    All this effort dragging Unforgiven when the guitar song is still here.
  3. ThisIsRogue

    Drag Race Down Under

    I think Aussie queens just have no interest in Down Under. It's not like the show has catapulted anyone into Drag Race superstardom the way anyone would have thought or hoped, and the production fuckery with Art Simone in S1 probably doesn't help matters either. I do still wonder if the show...
  4. ThisIsRogue

    Beyoncé - act ii (Mar 29)

    Both songs are brilliant. Texas is the more obvious chart hit but honestly, both of them sound like they'd resonate with the GP. I love her.
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    For anyone interested, Dara is a guest on Eric Nam's podcast, Daebak Show. She gave some great insight into her early days as a star in the Philippines, and starting over in Korea as a trainee at YG. It was somewhat surprising to hear that YG originally didn't consider her for 2NE1 at all, but...
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    It's being reported in Variety, though they have noted: It would be kind of silly to not sign their individual contracts with YG at this point right?
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    With how they've communicated about how close they are and there being no leader of Blackpink over the years, I've found it hard to believe that they would be out of sync with regards to re-signing with YG. Of course they're all individuals who should make the decision that's best for...
  8. ThisIsRogue


    Is it confirmed that Rose has re-signed with YG?
  9. ThisIsRogue

    Azealia Banks - "New Bottega" + General Discussion

    Azealia deserves so much better than that beat. It's a small mercy it's only 2 minutes long.
  10. ThisIsRogue

    Britney Spears

    What's worse is that her original intentions of doing it for her boys has been for naught at this point. Britney deserves peace and happiness in her life, even if it means never returning to music.
  11. ThisIsRogue

    Square Enix - Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth (Feb 29)

    The last couple of chapters really fried my nerves when I played on normal difficulty. The R and D boss fight I found particularly intense and got the game over screen a couple of times. I think my timing was off with trying to defend or counter any of their attacks. I'll definitely be...
  12. ThisIsRogue

    Ayumi Hamasaki

    Ayu's summer songs are high key incredible. They sound so happy and sunny but coupled with her deeply emotional lyrics... ugh her mind.
  13. ThisIsRogue

    Britney Spears

    Choosing The Answer over Don't Hang Up is incorrect. Britney's vibey self love songs are top tier.
  14. ThisIsRogue

    ₍ᐢᐢ₎‎ ‎NewJeans - NJWMX

    Let's make it official!
  15. ThisIsRogue

    ₍ᐢᐢ₎‎ ‎NewJeans - NJWMX

    Only 10 more to equal BTS's PAK record for Dynamite!
  16. ThisIsRogue

    ₍ᐢᐢ₎‎ ‎NewJeans - NJWMX

    I think this is their first english speaking interview?
  17. ThisIsRogue


    Babymonster are probably debuting with a 2 song mini album soon so there's no songs left in the vault for Blackpink.
  18. ThisIsRogue

    #KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate

    I'm going to really try and submit a ballot to you this time @Slice of Life!
  19. ThisIsRogue

    ₍ᐢᐢ₎‎ ‎NewJeans - NJWMX

    Anyone else obsessed with Hanni? I can't take my eyes off her, especially in their live stages.
  20. ThisIsRogue

    Dami Im - MY REALITY

    Dami isn’t with Sony Music anymore. She’s been on a press tour to promote her memoir and is being candid about her time with the label. She’s posted a few things about her book on her Instagram but this audiobook clip talks about declining to renew with Sony...