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    Bright Light Bright Light - "You Want My..." + Enjoy Youth (May 17)

    The album is cover is a most pleasing sight. Ordered the pink vinyl and lyric book. The new song is hot. It's reminding me of Sam's Man I Am though (bop!)
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    Bright Light Bright Light - "You Want My..." + Enjoy Youth (May 17)

    Ah, the album news is great! Babydaddy! Richard X! Ultra Naté!
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    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Hana + "Murder on the Dancefloor" Resurgence!!!

    I'd love some more Sophie and Biffco
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    Music Not on Streaming (And Getting It There!)

    I wish this would get put back on Spotify UK. Love that song and the mixes!
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    Came on to post about this, I despise it! It's all just unnecessary steps and same goes for removing songs from your library. Ballache!
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    S Club - The Good Times Tour

    My partner went after having the first one in Liverpool cancelled. He's phoned me telling they were evacuated but then he's just sent me a photo inside the arena saying ready to restart
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    Troye Sivan - Something to Give Each Other

    My album of the year. The deluxe vinyl package is gorgeous!
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    Madonna - The Celebration Tour

    I'm not going to any of the shows but I'm so excited to see and hear from it! A tour celebrating Madonna's career should be killer visually but I'm also pumped for Stuart being on the arrangements again. His work on the Confessions tour and his work on all the Pet Shop Boys tours since...
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    Troye Sivan - Something to Give Each Other

    I really love the video for Got Me Started and I don't care for music videos normally. I said I wouldn't be going back to that song because of the sample but the video worked magic. The song itself is beaut too.
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    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    The album is stunning. Emotopop Kylie is my favourite and there's plenty here that makes me very happy! Hands, Green Light, Vegas High, Love Train and Just Imagine are the only tracks I'm not keeping.
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    Troye Sivan - Something to Give Each Other

    That sample is truly awful! Won't be coming back to this one
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    Claire Richards - Euphoria

    I'd never heard of the Kim Wilde song before. Added Kim's original (well, the single version) to my library. The only track that really caught my attention on this is So Emotional but I confess I haven't had a good proper listen yet.
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    The Killers - Rebel Diamonds

    The vocal effects are annoying on this. It's a miss.
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    Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

    Also, I liked that Clarence was in the video too!
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    Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

    Don't normally care about videos but that is an absolute serve! Love it. The remix is a nice alternative to the main version, just wish the production hadn't been as muted.
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    Jake Shears - Last Man Dancing

    The album is great. The switch up on the second half really is a non-stop dance party. Also, I love he drew a heart around the dog (and his face) on the print.
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    Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Reinvention

    Finally got my hands on my Banquet signed vinyl. "Lee, Enjoy this Gatto Gelato, love Alison x". She did a little heart for the dot above the i in her name too. Very happy!
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    Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Reinvention

    This album came out on my 2nd day in Rhodes and it's an absolute treat listening to it by the pool or sea (which I'm currently doing). Gatto Gelato is perfect.
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    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Not a fan of this sound so it's a hard pass for me.
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    Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

    The album is fucking brilliant. Only miss is how quick Lightning fades out. That was a choice.