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  1. ElectricHearts

    Kelela - Raven + RAVE:N, The Remixes

    I love the call back to "All the Way Down" in "On the Run." Makes me wonder if the songs are about the same person or feeling.
  2. ElectricHearts

    Björk - Fossora

    After listening to this a few times I am really enjoying it. Most of the vocal and instrumental melodies are quite beautiful and dare I say catchy. There's just little repetition or predictability throughout the song to latch onto. Also the audio on streaming is so much better than the video...
  3. ElectricHearts

    Slayyyter - STARFUCKER (Deluxe)

    Not her serving VOCALS on the bridge
  4. ElectricHearts

    FKA Twigs - Magdalene

    FKA twigs x SOPHIE collab called Psalms leaked from 2015... I didn't know they had worked together.
  5. ElectricHearts

    HANA - hanadriel plus EP

    The song is listed under the wrong "HANA" on Apple Music. Took me ages to find, but the track is great.
  6. ElectricHearts

    Tinashe - Songs For You A clip of the music video leaked.
  7. ElectricHearts

    FKA Twigs - Magdalene
  8. ElectricHearts

    Tinashe - Songs For You

    Starts at 1:20 and sounds super hot... Need her to come back
  9. ElectricHearts

    LIZ - Planet Y2K

    Does anyone have a decent rip of Sunscreen? I would be eternally grateful for a PM <3
  10. ElectricHearts

    Ariana Grande - Sweetener

    The sharp cut off of her reverb on the backing "yeah's" scalps me a bit. Go off minor production details
  11. ElectricHearts


    Thanks @enjoy @Lander and @WallyWinterborn for your thoughts. I'm going to talk to my GP next time I go in about how I've been feeling. I agree it can't hurt to be proactive
  12. ElectricHearts

    Wendy's - We Beefin?

    We've entered a new era of marketing girls. Nicki Minaj 4 is indefinitely delayed. Why do these songs lowkey go off though?
  13. ElectricHearts


    I've been dealing with something recently and want to see if anyone has had similar experiences. One of my friends who I've talked to thinks I might have a mild form of depression, but I don't feel sad or even indifferent really. I am still happy at times, make jokes, laugh, etc. but I just...
  14. ElectricHearts

    Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel (Mixtape) + Third Album

    Umm the full version of "Waterfall" has me SHOOK. What sort of stripper anthem. I hope we get these tracks in an official capacity at some point.
  15. ElectricHearts

    Taylor Swift - reputation

    Where did I say this?
  16. ElectricHearts

    Taylor Swift - reputation

    She's definitely taking the piss with the verses and some of you are falling for it.
  17. ElectricHearts

    Lady Gaga

  18. ElectricHearts

    Grammys 2017: Put A Praise On It

    Is there a stream that's working?
  19. ElectricHearts

    Lady Gaga - Joanne

    I hope she continues to push "Million Reasons" until the Grammys. The song is still trying to fight for its life on US radio.
  20. ElectricHearts

    Tinashe - Nightride / Joyride

    Not the song in the video being my favorite. And it's not even on the mixtape...