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    The absolute heart attack I just had
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    Shaznay Lewis - “Kiss of Life” + Pages (May 17)

    Such a stunning song!! I hope we’re getting album news soon. I’m sure July was a rumoured release date though?
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    Whose musical return(s) are you most anticipating in 2024?

    Sade would be amazing! A new Wolf Alice album would be lovely too.
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    Tove Lo x SG Lewis - Desire (EP) [TBA] + General Discussion

    I commented on SG Lewis’ last instagram post asking about the EP and he said ‘stay tuned’ so reckon it’s still coming!
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    Shaznay Lewis - “Kiss of Life” + Pages (May 17)

    Have I missed something?! Is this the new single? Sounds so good!
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    Additional streaming recommendations

    Don’t know if anyone else has posted about it but Paper Dolls is amazing! On paramount plus. It’s an Australian dark comedy about a girl band founded on a reality show, set in 1999, amazing soundtrack, dark comedy. At one point boomkat ‘the wreckoning’ was in it, if that doesn’t make you wanna...
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    Scary Shit That Happened To You...

    What’s happened with this?! I hope you’re okay! The whole thing made me unsettled just reading it, god knows how you feel!
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    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    They also have ‘love at first sight’ on iTVplayer too separately!
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    Sugababes - "When the Rain Comes" + 9th Album

    I wish it was Mutya announcing a ‘real girl’ vinyl. However, my boyfriend asked her at the o2 meet and greet about it and she went ‘it’s such an old album why would anyone want that’ to which he replied ‘the gays! Get those coins’. Hopefully she’s at least thinking about it!
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    Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show (2024 Tour)

    Zoe about to play kylie’s ‘unstoppable’
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    I really hope they tour the UK soon!
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    Mighty Hoopla + Mighty Hoopla Weekender (lol)

    I need Norwegian queen Annie there
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    Horror films

    Finally watched Saint Maud for my Halloween viewing. Well, that’s put me off ever wanting to visit Scarborough..
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    Siobhán Donaghy

    Is there anyway of listening to ‘hard to say’ with Rankin anymore? I can’t find it anywhere!
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    Siobhán Donaghy

    Seriously when is the preorder for Revolution? I need..
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    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Hold on to now is the best song of the year.
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    Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

    I definitely got mutya to put ‘signed 4 Oli (out of control)’ on my vinyl
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    Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

    She winked at me when I prayed they would sing
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    Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

    I know it says A4 size only, but does anyone think it’s worth bringing vinyls to get signed at the meet and greet? Hmmm
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    Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

    At this point, if they do any One Touch or Angels album track on Friday, I will die and I will die happy.