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  1. Dynamo

    Music Not on Streaming (And Getting It There!)

    One of my favourite Bjork remixes is finally up on Spotify (officially too): I have no idea about the quality considering it was only ever released on promo-only vinyl but I'm hoping it's good!
  2. Dynamo

    Music Industry

    Seeing all this talk about Universal muting nearly every TikTok that uses their catalogue reminds me a lot of when Warner Music Group tried doing the same thing with YouTube back in 2009, which was also briefly disastrous.
  3. Dynamo

    PJSC 137: B&B - The Best of All of You. Songlist posted

    Are only people who submitted able to vote?
  4. Dynamo

    PJSC 137: B&B - The Best of All of You. Songlist posted

    The way I was so busy with other things I completely forgot to submit something for this... Help!!
  5. Dynamo

    Random Thoughts

    In terms of where The Cataracs are now, Niles actually makes EDM as KSHMR now, and David is one-half of Terror Jr.
  6. Dynamo

    Porter Robinson - “Cheerleader” + 3rd Album

    First single from his upcoming third album dropped today, here’s the music video: He announced the album through a YouTube video essay parody: Very glad to see Porter go full-on pop mode with this one!
  7. Dynamo

    Dua Lipa - "Illusion" + Radical Optimism (May 3)

    The way I somehow already predicted the album name:
  8. Dynamo

    UK Ladies #1s of the 90s Rate | We have a winner!

    The way the title makes it sound like I said a slur or something ddddd. Yeah the original version of it is way different:
  9. Dynamo

    Music Not on Streaming (And Getting It There!)

    Looking into the Eddy Grant situation it appears it's an official release through his label Ice Records in partnership with !K7 Music, according to this article.
  10. Dynamo


    I think even if that song with the sample did get cleared, it probably wouldn't have helped anyway since Sigala also said in the video he wasn't really happy with the album anymore as it didn't represent who he is as an artist. Extremely fair and respectable decision on his part and surprised...
  11. Dynamo


    Apparently according to Discogs there’s still some copies of the album available out there despite it being cancelled at essentially the last minute… I’m assuming these still shipped regardless?
  12. Dynamo

    Music Not on Streaming (And Getting It There!)

    I remember the Fatboy Slim remix of this briefly appeared on a Triple J compilation in Australia for a while before it got removed. The link is still up and available but greyed out.
  13. Dynamo

    ☠ PJ00s† 63 ☠ - reveals complete, rat fed

    The vibe of these videos is so fucking weird and I love it. Edit: Completely forgot I actually gave points to Nikkole's song... Guess I jinxed it after all dddd.
  14. Dynamo

    ☠ PJ00s† 63 ☠ - reveals complete, rat fed

    I like that the song called "Zero" is still on 0 points. (Oh god I hope I haven't jinxed it)
  15. Dynamo

    Broken on firefox?

    Hey all, Ever since some time last week (or the week before that) the forum just looks unusable and broken on Firefox. I've turned off all my extensions and it still doesn't work for me. The version of Firefox I'm currently running is Version 122.0.1 (64-bit). This is what it currently looks...
  16. Dynamo

    Dua Lipa - "Illusion" + Radical Optimism (May 3)

    One thing I found very interesting is that the digital/streaming credits for both singles so far list "Dua Lipa Limited" as the copyright holder but on the physical releases (CD/vinyl) it lists "Radical22 Limited" as the copyright holder. Does this mean anything? Is her new album called...
  17. Dynamo

    Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine

    Are you sure that's not just the background vocals stem of Ariana going "yes"? It does kinda sound like "dance" but it definitely sounds more like a "yes" to my ears.
  18. Dynamo

    ⊰ PJSC 135 ⊱ ⊰ murder on the dancefloor ⊱ the dance begins ~ and the winner is...

    Wait, so this isn't an optional thing?? Oh god gimme a few minutes...
  19. Dynamo

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Hana + "Murder on the Dancefloor" Resurgence!!!

    The only thing I hate about the PNAU remix is that they replaced the guitar with some plonky synth stuff. It feels empty without the iconic guitar solo.
  20. Dynamo

    Jem Cassar-Daley

    Yeah sorry I confused daughter with sister for a second. Fixed!