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  1. kmn04

    Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine

    Just noticed that the necklace that she's wearing during the We Can't Be Friends SNL performance is the one that the guy gives to her in the music video and now I'm sobbing.
  2. kmn04

    Carly Rae Jepsen - 7th Album

    Can't freaking wait to hear new music from her. I know The Loveliest Time just came out last year but I will never tire of new material.
  3. kmn04

    Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loveliest Time / The Loneliest Time

    I can't believe the masterpiece Go Find Yourself or Whatever was written in 20 minutes?! What? So excited for Side B and hoping we get to hear those bops. I love Carly and Rostam together. They make mindblowing goodness.
  4. kmn04

    Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loveliest Time / The Loneliest Time

    I honestly have no idea, but I imagine she has certain hooks that she comes back to (either mentally or written down) that she wants to find a song for?
  5. kmn04

    Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loveliest Time / The Loneliest Time

    Ok, took a listen and was DELIGHTED to realize I recognized the verse from "Sun On You" -- it was originally used in a song she wrote called "Everytime." You can watch a video of her performing it here: I love being a CRJ fan and being able to identify reworked songs (eg. "Store" and that...
  6. kmn04

    Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loveliest Time / The Loneliest Time

    Ok, I am so happy. In my mind Carly Rae Jepsen can do no wrong and never misses. I don’t think there’s a single song that I don’t like. First impressions from the new tracks (incomplete since I woke up obscenely early to listen though it’s fitting because I also listened to Dedicated Side B for...
  7. kmn04

    Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loveliest Time / The Loneliest Time

    Just got back from the Bleachers/Carly Toronto show and I'm buzzing, it was so good. Go Find Yourself or Whatever was so pretty, gave me Tug of War (the album) and Western Wind leaning vibes. So excited to hear all of the other musical directions she goes with this album. Can't wait!!
  8. kmn04

    Vinyljustice 2.0

    Discovery's LP is being re-pressed. I'm so excited. Preordered so quickly:
  9. kmn04

    Griff - vert1go vol. 2

    One Foot in Front of the Other is such a bop! I've been jamming to Black Hole too. Excited to hear the EP!
  10. kmn04

    Julia Michaels - Not in Chronological Order + General Discussion

    Undertone is so good, I can't stop playing it!
  11. kmn04

    Ariana Grande - positions

    I'm getting a little frustrated as for some reason I keep getting redirected to Ariana's UK web store when I'm trying to access her Canadian store (where I live). Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this? I cleared my cache and everything but it hasn't worked. I'm just trying to give you my...
  12. kmn04

    ELIO - "Sorority" + General Discussion

    Discovered her via Charli XCX a week ago and "Waste of Emotion" is such a bop! Really like "LA in Two", "My Friends Online", and "hurts 2 hate somebody" as well. Gonna give the EP a listen today. She sounds a bit like Lennon Stella to me with maybe a bit of Clairo? In other words, extremely my vibe.
  13. kmn04

    Pale Waves - Unwanted (3rd Album)

    Just came across Easy and immediately had to look them up on here. Excited to dive into their debut and very excited for more music from them! So catchy and makes my early 2000s heart so happy.
  14. kmn04

    Taylor Swift - evermore

    Tis the Damn Season wow...
  15. kmn04

    Taylor Swift - evermore

    The shock and joy of not only seeing a Taylor Swift album announcement (!!) this morning but also seeing HAIM as one of the features?! Wow. What a day.
  16. kmn04

    Mariah Carey

    Just turned on the Christmas special and it's making me SO happy! Honestly what a joyful affair. Queen of Christmas!
  17. kmn04

    Ariana Grande - positions

    That was so freaking joyful. The whistle notes made me so happy!
  18. kmn04

    Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated + Side B

    Ok I just listened to this (multiple times in a row...) after writing it off after my 12am listen on Friday. This song is such a grower and the verses are so delightful. The way she sings "Breaks into an argument, ooh, I used to fight it / We get emotional too, I won't deny it" is really fun...
  19. kmn04

    Ariana Grande - positions

    Ok, after non-stop listens my top tracks (in order of appearance) are just like magic, nasty, and POV. However, I pretty much love them all. Hoping she announces a vinyl soon!
  20. kmn04

    Ariana Grande - positions

    The way she sings "now I'm running with you" is so beautiful. Maybe this doesn't sound like a "lead single" but I'm excited to see how it fits in the context of the album.