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  1. JMSinc

    Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

    The fact that this would have had 50 Cent on rather than Nas if the label hadn’t dropped him. About a year before he blew up with In Da Club.
  2. JMSinc

    Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

    Had a little deep dive on the J.LO album. I find it interesting to see how she was pretty much stratospheric at the time, but there must have been concern when the singles (Love Don't Cost A Thing aside) weren't performing well in the US (Play 18, Ain't It Funny not charting). I think the label...
  3. JMSinc

    FLO - "Walk Like This" + Debut Album

    I'm still Walking Like This girlies. Such a bop.
  4. JMSinc

    Dua Lipa - "Illusion" + Radical Optimism (May 3)

    The video is the moment. The song needed the boost from it though, I think the uuUUUuuUUuusion is grating after a few spins. Hitdini is still the big serve from this era musically speaking. Thirsty for the album now though.
  5. JMSinc

    Dua Lipa - "Illusion" + Radical Optimism (May 3)

    Yes yes Kylie references etc etc But I also get 'Turn Back Time', from the dancers on the springboard (which in turn looks like a ships mast to my eyes) then her straddling the board like the cannon. Maybe it's just past my bedtime...
  6. JMSinc

    Beyoncé - act ii COWBOY CARTER

    That line takes me right back to early Destiny's Child. I think it's the vocal layering/stacking. Catnip to these ears, along with the backgrounds on Desert Eagle. Whew...
  7. JMSinc

    RAYE - My 21st Century Blues + General Discussion

    How Rihanna heard this and thought....nah.
  8. JMSinc

    Tinashe - "Nasty" + BB/ANG3L PT. 2 — Quantum Baby (TBD)

    Sounds like something that would eat on TikTok. I don't mind if that's what she's aiming for, go get that Loving On Me smash 'Nash.
  9. JMSinc

    Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

    The fact that Ashanti is literally in the VIDEO for the song should have dispelled any discontent from her side.
  10. JMSinc

    Jojo Siwa - “Karma”

  11. JMSinc

    Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

    But when it comes to selling out shows, no one is filling an arena to see This Is Me Now live sadly. It would be different had the album sold and she'd of had hits from it. JLO to most audiences is a legacy act and to go and see her they want the hits. Regardless of the other tours, it makes far...
  12. JMSinc

    Rita Ora - You & I

    I think it's from around the end of her Roc era/Poison
  13. JMSinc

    Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

    Whilst she should have toured more earlier on, I actually don't think touring in 2000-2004 would make much of a difference to how her tour would sell today. If anything, the work she's done being so visible as a performer in the last 10 years or so (Super Bowl, awards shows, vegas, two tours)...
  14. JMSinc

    Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

    Whack after whack. Seems odd after doing a cover story for them recently.
  15. JMSinc

    Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

    Variety really have it in for her since that last interview.
  16. JMSinc

    Rita Ora - You & I

    Still the best thing she's done that's unreleased...
  17. JMSinc

    Rita Ora - You & I

    I always thought the production was nice (love that Calvin pop sound of that era), but the lyrics were so clunky and dull.
  18. JMSinc


    High Fashion was such a sonically unusual sound for them. I was obsessed with it. The sort of Oriental opening, and then the double speed thump, and the way they sing like 1930's gangster's molls. Iconic. 13/14 year old me was obsessed with 3LW for that era. I remember paying like £30 for the...
  19. JMSinc

    Camila Cabello - “I LUV IT” (feat. Playboi Carti) + C,XOXO (TBD)

    The section post 'iluvitiluvit...' is pop-perfection and the stuff that really scratches my brain. The video felt like a Rosalia directed episode of Euphoria. Bit of a serve.