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  1. sinner

    Dua Lipa - "Illusion" + Radical Optimism (May 3)

    So that's why I don't like it...
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    You are very handsome! (love the t-shirt too!)
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    Jessie Ware - 6th Album

    I'm seeing beb at Orange!
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    Shaznay Lewis - "Good Mourning" + Pages (May 17)

    She looks fierce! The snippet sounds intriguing, can't wait to hear the whole song.
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    Shaznay Lewis - "Good Mourning" + Pages (May 17)

    Well, we got Too Nasty (tooo nastaaaaa-y) which is also a bop in all its trashiness.
  6. sinner

    Romy (The xx) - Mid Air

    Romy is such a sweet, genuine and humble person. I just love how complimentary she was towards Jessie and Jessie going "It's not about me!"
  7. sinner

    Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

    The gentle guitar licks and whispery vocals *I can hear God* Tough Love remains to be that bitch.
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    Worst album covers

    I'm really digging the album, the cover's dreadful though:
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    Sugababes - 2023 Touring / Festivals (Europe + Australia)

    If it's any consolation you can enjoy this low quality live performance of Conversation's Over:
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    Franz Ferdinand - General Discussion

    Finally saw them in concert last week and they are a force of nature live - obviously I knew that but being able to experience it made me fall in love with them all over again. I've had Hits To The Head, Tonight and Right Words, Right Thoughts, Right Action in rotation ever since the gig and I...
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    Blur - The Ballad of Darren + General Discussion

    I went to the second Wembley night so we got a Sunday Sunday performance - I was ecstatic to hear such oldie! I've never cried so much at a concert - the combo of For Tomorrow followed by Tender made me weep like a baby. And I wasn't the only one who got emotional and teary - Damon was crying...
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    Lily Allen

    If you have a chance to see The Pillowman, please do - Lily is extraordinarily good in it. Two days later after watching the play I took a walk to the Chinatown and Leicester Square and decided to go and take a pic of The Duke Of Yorke's theatre in the evening light and there she was, posting...
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    Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

    So you were the person who was running the Sugababes UK site! I loved it! I think it was my number one source of Sugababes related news back in the day!
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    Your unpopular pop opinions

    I'm really not keen on Hello Love (a complete snoozefest) and Shake The Bottle (fun lyrics and vocal performance, but musically it's nothing interesting). They are the only duds on an overall stellar album. Sorry Jess beb!
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    Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

    Yes, she was. You can still find vids of her performing with him on numerous occasions when he was promoting his second record.
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    MORE Random Pop Thoughts

    Strangely I've always loved the Pure Shores choreo!
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    Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

    The legend herself has joined the Jessie train. Nothing but praise for our girl (and Pearls).
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    Jorja Smith - Falling or Flying

    I'm a bit baffled by the comments underneath her insta post promoting the interview.
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    Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

    I know!!! She mentions that disastrous episode in Omelette as well but it's so vaguely described that it's impossible to even speculate who it might be.