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  1. Michael17


    Thanks everyone. It’s okay, and I just was a little dramatic last night and being moody on Instagram. Not in any crisis at the moment, but not exactly feeling the most supported/noticed by people I guess. All clear for now though
  2. Michael17

    Jojo Siwa - “Karma”

    I choked at “Chappelle”
  3. Michael17

    Jojo Siwa - “Karma”

    It’s gay pop just something we’ve always called pop? Lol
  4. Michael17

    Florrie - “The Lost Ones” + Album (Jun 14)

    It's even got the mid-10s song lengths. Happy face!
  5. Michael17

    Normani - "1:59" (feat. Gunna) [Apr 26] + DOPAMINE (TBD)

    I’d release this Friday as the only possible option at this point or otherwise just wait until May. Next week before the release and the weeks afterward are Bey time on streaming. It wouldn’t make sense for anyone in pop to even release a single then.
  6. Michael17

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Oh yeah haha I wasn’t at all serious; I just thought of any word ending with Tension and picked the silliest thing that came to mind. Still, the worlds strange enough that it just might happen lol
  7. Michael17

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Getting ready for the hyperpop rework Hypertension.
  8. Michael17

    Nelly Furtado - 7th Album + Nellaissance

    I’m predicting another perfect summer album released in September which seems to be a trend these days.
  9. Michael17

    Madonna - The Celebration Tour

    I would have loved to have heard all the bears emitting teenage girl shrieks like when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan.
  10. Michael17

    Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine

    Honestly one of the most beautiful videos I've seen in a while. Simple and affecting. This era is definitely clicking with me more than any of her other works by a mile.
  11. Michael17

    Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

    WWTNS is that CD to pack on the Magaluf trip with the girls in ‘04, so I live for all the messiness and roughness to be honest.
  12. Michael17

    Random Thoughts

    I never was a huge Ariana fan aside from a few songs per album, but after “Yes, And?,” she is now Ariana Venti to me. Excited for this new era.
  13. Michael17


    Yeah the way I literally judge every time I want fast food with “do I want McDonald’s or do I want a boyfriend?” is hilarious.
  14. Michael17

    Random Thoughts

    I feel like it will be any day now that Gen Z discovers and sanctifies Jentina. I think my brain will overload.
  15. Michael17

    SZA - SOS + "Saturn"

    Love this so much. Probably my favorite song of hers since Good Days. Maybe because it feels more CTRL-ish to me. She just effortlessly delivers.
  16. Michael17

    Liam Payne - "Teardrops" + General Discussion

    The laugh I had to choke back…
  17. Michael17


    Always wanted to be one of the girls my whole life then joined a pub crawl where I met girls from my bumfuck state in America all the way here in Seville. Then some other girls later in the night pushed me away telling me “not to follow” the girls, thinking I was a cis male predator, meanwhile...
  18. Michael17

    Kim Petras - Slut Pop Miami

    Baby Shark for les gays.
  19. Michael17

    Jess Glynne - "Enough" + Jess (Apr 26)

    She does have some good springtime Euro-radio bops though. I’ll always get my life to “Hold My Hand” on the first warm and sunny day of the year tbh. I don’t check for her much anymore, but I guess she had her day. And gyms and airports always need background music.
  20. Michael17

    Gwen Stefani - "Purple Irises” (with Blake Shelton) + 5th Album

    Also had to pop in here because I was so pleasantly surprised by her Super Bowl pre-game performance. For a free show and playing for investment bankers and their spouses drinking $25 beers at noon, she sounded just as good as the Harajuku Lovers tour. I hadn’t really paid much attention to her...