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  1. PopHouseMusic

    Mae Muller - Sorry I'm Late

    I got some of those free tickets for Club NME night at Scala in London where she is performing. Has anyone been to those nights before and know what time the 'headliner' normally comes on?
  2. PopHouseMusic

    RAYE - My 21st Century Blues + General Discussion

    I am so excited for her, this could be a massive opportunity to reach a new audience. And when Kristen Wiig is hosting?! Surely the viewership is going to be massive for that alone.
  3. PopHouseMusic

    Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

    VERY this. Hannah embodied Anastacia from the moment she put on those shades and had the microphone, it was hard to not look at her, like we were watching the real thing. It's not all about snapping your neck and bending backwards on the stage...
  4. PopHouseMusic

    Eurovision 2024

    The massive climax at the end will be plenty to make it qualify.
  5. PopHouseMusic

    Eurovision 2024

    I feel like it's going to be between Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. I cannot fathom a world where Croatia wins even though everybody else thinks it's going to happen.
  6. PopHouseMusic

    Eurovision 2024

    I think the exact opposite! I think 2023 had a reaaally good blend of musical styles and distinct, memorable acts. I feel like this year has a few too many that are too similar or overlap one another enough for them to stand out.
  7. PopHouseMusic

    Eurovision 2024

    My top 5: Italy Spain Austria Denmark United Kingdom
  8. PopHouseMusic

    SG Lewis - AudioLust & HigherLove

    Ended up going to House of Trash purely because I missed my last train back home, and it was great! He played Mr. Useless, In-Out and Can't Take the Heat which I was absolutely screaming back at him. Also had a really cute chat with him in the smoking area and let him know that he owes me a...
  9. PopHouseMusic

    SG Lewis - AudioLust & HigherLove

    I got tickets to the Forever Days party, and I've just seen that he is doing a set at Trash in London this Saturday for their second year anniversary. I really want to go and experience a queer night like that, especially with him as a DJ, but I feel like I don't have anything cool/gay enough to...
  10. PopHouseMusic

    Tove Lo x SG Lewis - Desire (EP) [TBA] + General Discussion

    Not soon enough bitch, drop it NOW.
  11. PopHouseMusic

    Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

    Not saying it was a robbery, but Gothy is not even competing at this point. Keta had a desire to show how good she is, Gothy is simply existing.
  12. PopHouseMusic

    Confidence Man - Tilt + General Discussion

    Smash! Smash! Smash!!!
  13. PopHouseMusic

    Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

    Somebody needs to fucking apologise to Jane McDonald immediately.
  14. PopHouseMusic

    Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

    That elimination................ ....... ................
  15. PopHouseMusic

    UK Eurovision Entry 2024

    It's good, but not as good as I was expecting it to be when you hear the names Olly Alexander and Danny L Harle doing a Eurovision song together. I hope they make it really explode in the final chorus in the live performance, with some really good staging.
  16. PopHouseMusic

    Olly Alexander / Years & Years - "Dizzy"

    It's good! I don't think it's strong enough to find itself on the left hand side of the Eurovision scoreboard this year, but it's good!
  17. PopHouseMusic

    Allie X - Girl with No Face

    She looks great in the Weird World video
  18. PopHouseMusic

    Shygirl - Club Shy + General Discussion

    This E.P. really goes awwwf. Glad to have found it thanks to baby S.G. Lewis, will be on repeat all through the summer!
  19. PopHouseMusic

    Kim Petras - Slut Pop Miami

    This is so bland. I think the only two tracks that have had more than 2 hours combined effort put into them are Rimjob and Can We Fuck, and even then they're not good. I just don't believe any bit of what she is saying / rarely singing.
  20. PopHouseMusic

    Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

    It does feel a bit like they purposely cast U.K. queens that are a little bit... throwaway this season (except Tia to hopefully make sure at least one gets further than halfway and they aren't all eliminated episodes 1-4), potentially keeping the 'big hitters' for an actual U.K. All Stars...