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  1. popdorian

    Films About LGBTQIA+ People

    To be honest the sex scenes were less explicit than I was expecting, it is rated 15 after all.
  2. popdorian

    Films About LGBTQIA+ People

    Just seen Passages and it was not for me at all - I don't get the rave reviews. The performances were good but the central character was so dislikeable and toxic.
  3. popdorian

    Films About LGBTQIA+ People

    Definitely going to try and see "Passages" this week. I recently saw "Lie With Me" which was really well done and had me crying almost as much as "Close". The book is great too.
  4. popdorian

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Hana + "Murder on the Dancefloor" Resurgence!!!

    Did not see that coming at all, she must be delighted (I feel less guilty about not buying it now).
  5. popdorian

    Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

    Agree that the Alyosha/Rebecca Ferguson interlude was incredible. Chatted with my manager today, I said Finland and Sweden were my favourites and asked which she liked best. "Croatia".
  6. popdorian

    Belinda Carlisle

    Big Big Love A-listed by Radio 2.
  7. popdorian

    Oscar Bait 2022 - 2023

    So glad I caught this, it's so well done and heartbreaking. There's definitely bits filmed a few months apart, I didn't pick up on it but was the first thing my partner said.
  8. popdorian

    Films About LGBTQIA+ People

    Absolutely stunning film, performances are flawless across the board.
  9. popdorian

    Dubstar - Two

    Really enjoying the album, of the previously unreleased tracks Blood and Lighthouse are the standouts for me. No. 27 in the midweeks, hopefully this can hang on to be their first charting album in 25 years (!)
  10. popdorian

    Dubstar - Two

    Yes to both, love Token. So glad that they're back - Two is shaping up to be something special.
  11. popdorian

    UK Politics: General Despondency

    Even if he does show up he will have a prepared statement and say they await the outcome of the investigation.
  12. popdorian


    Obviously there's no guarantees it's 100% safe, but Omicron cases in Wales are lower than in England or Scotland for the time being.
  13. popdorian

    Best 'Comeback' Singles?

    Was going to post this too, fantastic comeback song.
  14. popdorian

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Songs From The Kitchen Disco

    Gutted that the Steps tour has finished early, totally understandable but was really looking forward to seeing Sophie in Cardiff tonight.
  15. popdorian

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Songs From The Kitchen Disco

    Now raised over £400k - respect to her. Also been interesting to hear her chatting with other guests in studio, seems more like the real Sophie than comes across in short promo interviews.
  16. popdorian

    Top of the Pops BBC4

    It's going to very strange when Bryan Adams' 4 month reign finally ends if it's still a no voiceover Top 10, such an anti-climax. I also miss seeing the whole Top 40 as you don't see the songs that are up and coming any more unless they're in the Breakers e.g. Finally/CeCe Peniston was a new...
  17. popdorian

    Top of the Pops BBC4

    Still reeling from just how good Sabrina Johnston was for a live performance. Flawless.
  18. popdorian

    Annie - Dark Hearts + Neon Nights EP

    April is gorgeous. Sometimes I still feel those highs Blue they shine like April skies such a great couplet, gets me ever time. A ball of nostalgia, sadness and optimism wrapped in a few words.
  19. popdorian


    Really like Tectonic Plates on first listen, great to have them back.