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  1. Music City Queen

    Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show (2024 Tour)

    One or two of the singles aren't in the set, but "no one will notice". See the Day is obviously one.
  2. Music City Queen

    Perrie - "Forget About Us" + Debut Album

    Oh this is going to be on rotation all summer. Can already picture it would sound amazing while driving with the windows down in the sunshine. Let's hope Scotland gets such days this year.
  3. Music City Queen


    The “massive” announcement was a… poll to choose an ultimate ABBA song? Get fucked.
  4. Music City Queen

    Mandy - BBC Comedy

    My friend put me onto this yesterday, now I can’t believe I’ve never watched it before.
  5. Music City Queen

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    If stans are to be believed since I don’t keep up with Billie to know, Happier Than Ever had 15 variants.
  6. Music City Queen

    Kate Hudson - "Live Forever" + Debut Album

    The new single is out. Kate's vocal tone reminded me a little of Una Healy in places!
  7. Music City Queen

    Beyoncé - act ii COWBOY CARTER

    It's Beyoncé. She'll make it make sense, like she did with doing a country album after a dance album.
  8. Music City Queen

    Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

    JLo's 'reputation' era is coming!
  9. Music City Queen

    Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department (Apr 19)

    The album’s up for pre-add on Apple Music. ‘The Tortured Poets Department’, ‘Down Bad’, ‘But Daddy I Love Him’, ‘loml’, ‘Florida!!!’, ‘I Can Do It with a Broken Heart’ and ‘The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived’ are all explicit.
  10. Music City Queen

    Desperate Housewives

    Jesse Metcalfe said there's been "discussions" about a reboot. Not sure why a reboot would include John Rowland, unless he'd now be living on the lane?
  11. Music City Queen


    It’s true! The Look will be coming to digital services too!
  12. Music City Queen


    Now or Never and La La Love streaming RESUMES now they're finally back!
  13. Music City Queen

    Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department (Apr 19)

    The way I put this through AI to have Taylor sing it and it actually sounded good for the most part. The chorus was... a struggle.
  14. Music City Queen


    This artwork was used in the Retro Pop review for Glorious, so I guess the album was originally called Supernova?
  15. Music City Queen

    Waterloo Road

    Not sure how I feel about this casting for series 14…
  16. Music City Queen

    Sex and the City

    Looks like they're a month or so late in picking up on this? "Variety‘s sources dispute that Ramírez was fired for their politics or their Instagram presence. These sources say that the Che character had reached a natural conclusion, since their relationship with Miranda had ended." These...
  17. Music City Queen


    Good luck to this girl. She'll need it to work with these two nightmares.
  18. Music City Queen


    Can’t believe Keisha didn’t thank the mystery singer on Low or Lily Allen in her acceptance speech.
  19. Music City Queen

    Emma Bunton

    Something better to talk about… A Girl Like Me is being released on vinyl as part of Record Store Day 2024!