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    Lana Del Rey - Lasso (Sep 2024)

    I missed the livestream, is there a link somewhere?
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    Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department (Apr 19)

    FNAC now has both white and transparent vinyls for The Manuscript edition up for preorder at 39.99€.
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    Vinyljustice 2.0

    Il a disparu des résultats de recherche mais tu peux le retrouver via les "sorties récentes" de sa page artiste :|NonApplicable|2|2787188|BL0|L1
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    Vinyljustice 2.0

    I just checked and it's 49€ there.
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    Horror films

    The director's latest film, Vermines, is currently out in France, getting great reviews and has been nominated for best debut feature at the Césars. Kinda gutted I can't see it as I'm aracnophobic as fuck but his work seems very promising. Also, woof.
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    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Hana + "Murder on the Dancefloor" Resurgence!!!

    Does anyone know where I might be able to digitally purchase her singles, as I'd like to own the b-sides (most of them found on Plastic Pop reissues which I own on vinyl only, as I have no way of ripping CDs...). I'm having trouble enjoying life without Duel blasting in my ears during my morning...
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    Vinyljustice 2.0

    Same here!
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    Video Games

    ^ Ratchet & Clank!
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    Madonna - The Celebration Tour

    Fuck she was amazing, I'm exhausted. She did confirm shooting something this afternoon at the Opera de Paris, but didn't specify what. Exciting! Got the red t-shirt and the tour poster. So glad I went!
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    Bleachers - Self-titled

    Preorders are live, out March 8th : Standard clear edition + 4 colour variant with alternative covers, cassette, CD and signed art print. A1. i am right on time A2. modern girl A3. jesus is dead A4. me before you A5. alma mater B1. tiny moves B2. isimo B3. woke...
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    Horror films

    I absolutely loved Mother! on my first viewing, I was completely mesmerized by what I was witnessing and it really left a strong impression on me, it's anxiety inducing in the best possible way. I wish I could watch it for the first time again!
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    Is there any way to know if the book's going to be translated for other countries?
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    Horror films

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    Deadloch (Amazon Prime's queer murder mystery comedy)

    Just finished and LOVED it, it definitely got better with each episode passing. Thanks for the recommandation!
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    Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

    Is there any was to order the tits out variant from Europe?
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    Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

    I can only speak for France but there won't be any general sale - the whole sale was made around those email invitations. Once the sales were done for Paris and Lyon, some people on waiting list got their email invitation and were able to buy whatever was left, that's what I did with my cousin's...
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    Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

    We destroyed our bank account for 2 VIP seating tickets that are alright at best, because my cousin was nice enough to give me his "waiting list code" and that was all that was left and my FOMO was sky high. I'm fuming, fuck Ticketmaster.
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    Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

    I'm on waiting list, gutted. Need a drink!
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    Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

    A special show on the 10th? That's the Paris date. What does it mean???
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    Basically me every time I want to use a power. Wonder if I should try switching the L and R buttons?