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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

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    Bebe Rexha - "One in a Million" (with David Guetta) + BEBE

    Chase It is out May 17th. Another single called Nevermind, Nevermind will be released on May 31st!
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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

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    Say Lou Lou - Dust, Pt.1 (EP)

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    Ava Max - "My Oh My" + 3rd Album

    What the hell is this mess, fff. Why is she performing in a basement?
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    CXLOE - "Shapeshifter” + Shiny New Thing (May 17)

    This is fabulous.
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    Ava Max - "My Oh My" + 3rd Album

    It really was. I came back to it this week and it never really aged.
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    Ava Max - "My Oh My" + 3rd Album

    She said she's starting the era with fun material and that she's gonna go deeper with the next singles. We will see!
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    Dua Lipa - "Illusion" + Radical Optimism (May 3)

    This looks fabulous, I'm extremely hyped now!
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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Oh wow.
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    Ava Max - "My Oh My" + 3rd Album

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    Sky Ferreira

    Well it's getting interesting
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    Jojo Siwa - “Karma”

    Yes, Brit Smith's version was produced by Timbaland.
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    Jojo Siwa - “Karma”

    2012 demo of the song leaked alongside it's music video...
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    Mabel - 3rd Album

    Sounds atrocious.
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    Tinashe - "Nasty" + BB/ANG3L PT. 2 — Quantum Baby (TBD)

    This budget? Oh wow
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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    tripleS is complete!
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    Astrid S - "Oh Emma" + General Discussion

    Lovely new single