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  1. light_years

    Amy Guess - 10 Times Out Of 10/Comatose

    Comatose... Wow what a track. Love it.
  2. light_years

    La Roux - Trouble In Paradise (Second Album & Singles)

    Another Sidetracked would be amazing now I think. Those re-works are pure perfection.
  3. light_years

    Amy Shark

    Middle of the Night and You Think I Think I Sound Like God are the ones I really enjoy the most. Wish all the best for her.
  4. light_years


    This. Basically I consider all therapyst pricks only prescribing you more and more drugs. They don't give a fuck about root of your problems. At least that's how it functions in this "banana state" country that I live in. Being depressed, lonely, anxious and suicidal is the normal thing here.
  5. light_years

    Chinese Pop - General Genre Discussion

    Love this so so much.
  6. light_years

    All Saints

    So excited about the album. Love Lasts Forever sounds amazing. I love every bit of it.
  7. light_years

    All Saints

    When the new album is coming out in the end?
  8. light_years


    Anybody dealing with the depression and anxiety today? I'm suffering so much lately, meds are not helping much. I need to change a therapyst but it's giving me anxiety because they so far really didn't understood my problems so I doubt anything will change in the future. I literally have no one...
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    Hello Again

    Welcome to the forum!
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    First season was my favorite. Too bad the show ended so soon.
  11. light_years

    that's where the love lies, under the shadows. that's where the birds fly, under the shadows.

    that's where the love lies, under the shadows. that's where the birds fly, under the shadows.
  12. light_years

    Florence + the Machine - High As Hope

    Big God is amazing, next one is Patricia for me. Hunger is great also. Decent album overall.
  13. light_years

    CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead

    It's all about Heaven/Hell in my opinion. That one is trully flawless.
  14. light_years

    Kylie Minogue - Golden

    80% of her older stuff I like but this one is not my favourite. I think it is just a "bridge" to something much bigger in the future. I like Sincerely Yours a lot though.
  15. light_years

    Hello everybody!

    Hello, I'm 33 years old male from Croatia and long time folower of the web site. I like everything from old school disco stuff to newly produced music like Florence + The Machine's latest album. Obsessions: 80s in general, everything related to synth, disco, nudisco, indie pop etc. I think...