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  1. roblognick

    Wicked (Nov 24)

    Why is it in two parts? The theatre production is between 2hrs 45 and 3hrs. Films can be that long these days. To be honest that has soured it a little in my mind.
  2. roblognick

    Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

    The finale was great. I’m not sure I’m happy with how it played out though. Marina and Hanna should have both stayed after that first lip sync. They were both great for very different reasons. LGD definitely won their lip sync though. Tia’s coat was awful but she looked great after she’d taken...
  3. roblognick


    Peach is great. It’s easy but super entertaining. The levels are all very on rails and you can’t often go back if you miss something as it’s all basically sequence after sequence. The boss battles are fun and seem fairly unique too. It does look gorgeous but the Switch is struggling graphically...
  4. roblognick

    Kylie Minogue

    Third copy of Body Language, skips just has bad. This one also has a really big black smudge in the vinyl.
  5. roblognick

    Kylie Minogue

    My cleaner arrived today. Gently cleaned the record, gave the stylus a gentle brush too. Doesn't look like it's clogged. Body Language plays no differently than it did. In fact this new copy from HMV, Still Standing also skips. Townsend have my copy of Body Language now so I'll see what they do.
  6. roblognick

    Kylie Minogue

    I’ve got proper cleaner arriving tomorrow but my other Kylie albums aren’t skipping. Impossible princess and Ex-tension were fine.
  7. roblognick

    Kylie Minogue

    All my other vinyl is fine and I’ve tried a few. I did buy some cleaner though just in case. But I’m sending it back today. And I’ve noticed some black smears in the red vinyl too. So I’ll check HMV later to see if they have any and just tell them to refund it. EDIT: Bought a copy from HMV and...
  8. roblognick

    Kylie Minogue

    I've just come here to ask this. Mine is skipping like mad. Slow and Chocolate are really bad. I've submitted a return request with Townsend but I'm scared they won't have any replacements!
  9. roblognick

    Kylie Minogue

    My Body Language red blooded vinyl has some black smudges in it. Gorgeous colour though. EDIT: and it jumps all over the place
  10. roblognick

    Girls' Generation

    it’s the soundtrack to Sunny and Hyo’s new series No Way Home which is them going camping. It’s cute!
  11. roblognick

    Girls' Generation

    Just going to share this because it’s actually quite nice and feels similar too the Forever 1 album sound.
  12. roblognick

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    That was a very bare bones medley considering they said her hits span 5 decades.
  13. roblognick

    2024 BRIT Awards

    I thought “medley” was a bit meh from Kylie. The opening recreating the iconic Can’t Get Blue Monday performance was good, but then just Can’t Get, Love At First Sight and All The Lovers? That’s only 20 years not the 50 decades they talked about.
  14. roblognick


    Shower tray?!
  15. roblognick


    I’ve been sitting hovering over the buy button of a variety of MacBook models because I can never make a decision. Then I was reconfiguring my desk and plugged my iPad into the USB C dock I use for my work MacBook when the monitor turned on and I was presented with a pretty nice laptop type...
  16. roblognick

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Couldn’t stand listening to that Paris podcast. Kylie was great on it. Paris not so much. Dance Alone is all right. It’s nothing special and I was never much of Sia fan or the way she sings.
  17. roblognick

    Horror films

    This looks fun.
  18. roblognick


    Well I guess so but because I play and replay Zelda games a lot it's something I thought about for that series more than any other.
  19. roblognick


    I played this game for four or five months. 280 ish hours I think. I don’t need post game content as such but it’s always been an annoyance of the series, for me, that it always sends you back just before the final boss.