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    Nikka Costa - "Dirty Disco" + General Discussion

    I've loved all 3 singles so far.
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    Daphne Guinness - Hallucinations and Third Album

    Her style and fashion sense is what Dan Levy based Moira on in Schitts Creek. Only discovered this recently.
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    Michaela May - Lights Out

    Give this album a listen: Abyss
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    New Music Friday Finds

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    Kate Nash - “Space Odyssey 2001” + 9 Sad Symphonies (Jun 21)

    I mean this is so Lana. She actually sounds like her at times
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    New Music Friday Finds

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    Debbie Gibson

    Long version.
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    New Music Friday Finds

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    SONIKKU - General Discussion

    Playing this album back to back with the Lynks album is recommended.
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    SONIKKU - General Discussion

    This album is a blast for the 25 mins of it that exist.
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    I've grabbed a Cambridge ticket. Anyone going?
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    Pretty incredible result for the GB girls in the BJK Cup. Beating France at home on clay is quite a feat. Great recovery from Katie and Emma was sensational.
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    Kim Wilde

    More recent and lesser known.
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    Kim Wilde

    Updated this short but sweet playlist of Wilde collabs etc. Some beauts on here. Sadly Fibes Oh Fibes duet not on Spotify.