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  1. scandipop

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    One of the best things about this season of Atlanta is that NeNe is totally back on form again. She's hilarious! In seasons three and four it seemed like she was being far too self aware - the aspirations of next level fame, trying to act like she was above it all, while at the same time...
  2. scandipop

    Icona Pop

    They've put the whole 'Iconic' EP up on Soundcloud too;
  3. scandipop

    Icona Pop

    It looks like they're going with a different release plan in Sweden than the rest of the world. While everywhere else gets 'Ready For The Weekend' as the new single and then the 'Iconic' EP, Sweden gets 'We Got The World' as the new single, followed by the full 'Icona Pop' album. Swedish...
  4. scandipop

    Loreen - "Is It Love" + General Discussion

    'Crying Out Your Name' is the title of the new single, written by Niklas Jarl, Ana Diaz ('One Last Time' by Agnes), and Moh Denebi ('My Heart Is Refusing Me' and 'Sober'). It's released ON MONDAY!
  5. scandipop

    Loreen - "Is It Love" + General Discussion

    Re: Loreen - Rapture (Album). The tracklisting; In My Head My Heart Is Refusing Me Everytime Euphoria Crying Out Your Name Do We Even Matter Sidewalk Sober If She's The One Breaking Robot See You Again Heal (feat. Blanks)
  6. scandipop

    Petra Marklund (September): 'Händerna Mot Himlen'

    She's dropped the September moniker (at least for now anyway) for her new album released in Sweden next month. And she's also switched to singing in Swedish. Plus she describes her new sound as more Coldplay meets Florence & The Machine meets Depeche Mode. I was massively apprehensive about...
  7. scandipop

    Ronya - The Key Is The Key (Debut Album)

    I loved 'Hyperventilating'. Not too keen on 'Annoying' though. Curious as to what the next single will be. She has a look of the Tulisa about her, doesn't she?
  8. scandipop

    September - Feeling like the 90's again!

    'Feeling Like The 90's Again' would probably be an amazing September single!
  9. scandipop

    Amelia Lily

    Re: Amelia Lily - "You Bring Me Joy" (First single) "The Amelia single sounds like a Girls Aloud single big time" is all I needed to hear. Very very excited about this. I wonder who'll have the bigger hit - her or 2 Shoes......
  10. scandipop

    Tone Damli feat. Eric Saade - Imagine

    They gave a live performance of it on Norwegian television this morning It's a really sweet tune that hasn't lost any of its appeal in the two months since it premiered. I wish Tone could get a break...
  11. scandipop

    Alexandra Stan - Lemonade (Single)

    I love this! And I wasn't even that fond of 'Mr Saxobeat'. Not that the two are in any way similar though. As has been said before, it sounds like a typical 90's Euro summer hit. But I'm also getting vibes of 'Friends' by Aura Dione, from last year.
  12. scandipop

    Agnes - Veritas

    She's not eligible to chart in the Digilistan until next week. I'm pretty sure the cut off point for sales is the Sunday evening. Which is why singles in Sweden are still released for download every Monday morning.
  13. scandipop

    Loreen - "Is It Love" + General Discussion

    Re: Loreen - Rapture (Album). She's flying to the UK either tonight or tomorrow morning for some promo. Amazing!
  14. scandipop

    Loreen - "Is It Love" + General Discussion

    Re: Loreen - Rapture (Album). It's produced by Peter Böstrom. If you're interested in hearing more of his work, I made a Spotify playlist of a lot of his songs a couple of months back. Although unless you have Spotify Sweden, you won't be able to listen to them all. Still, you should...
  15. scandipop

    Loreen - "Is It Love" + General Discussion

    Re: Loreen - Rapture (Album). I hope the album's gonna be out soon, but I get the impression they've gone back to the drawing board with it. When I interview her in November, she said the album was completed and ready to go - that she was just waiting on Warner to decide on the right time...
  16. scandipop

    Agnes - Veritas

    There's a preview of 'One Last Time' streaming here;
  17. scandipop

    Kate Ryan

    Re: Kate Ryan - Electroshock (6th album & Singles) I'm not sure about 'Robots' yet, but that middle eight is beyond fabulous. And the video is quite amazing too - in many ways...
  18. scandipop


    I wonder what happened to that 'Love Kills' video that we were supposed to get last year.
  19. scandipop

    Trina Braxton - Party Or Go Home (Debut Single) Listen

    I really wanted to like this, but it sounds so cheap and generic. And my pop standards aren't exactly high either. I want Traci to release a single. Either that or she should get her own spin-off show, opening and running her salon.
  20. scandipop

    Linda Sundblad

    Yep, it's the new single. Released today on iTunes, and not just in Sweden either. I love it! My favourite Linda song in a long time.