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    Random Thoughts

    KYLE’s started a movement
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    Take Van

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    Pretty Little Liars

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    Sabrina Carpenter - "Espresso" + General Discussion

    My honeybee Come & get this pollen
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    Maggie Lindemann - Paranoia

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    Random Thoughts

    Sources say KYLE is in talks to star in The Children (2008) remake
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    Mothica - Self Destructive

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    The Real Housewives of Potomac

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    Random Thoughts

    @Trinu 3.0 after using her fracking coins to nuke the lizard race
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    Sabrina Carpenter - "Espresso" + General Discussion

    Still an underrated bop
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    Katy Perry - 6th Album

    Part of Me’s demo >>>
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    Jojo Siwa - “Karma”

    Serving retro PJ Page 1 realness, BPG status confirmed.
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    Chappell Roan - "Good Luck, Babe!" + 2nd Album

    She nailed the “face to face” part
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    Random Thoughts

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    Random Thoughts

    Straights: turn that phag shit off Also Straights: