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  1. Krissykins

    Palm Royale - New Camp TV Series

    Couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Maxine. Wiig making an unlikeable character so lovable. Laura Dern is the second MVP for me though.
  2. Krissykins

    Horror films

    Abigail let me down. I felt like everyone involved was phoning it in.
  3. Krissykins

    Nicole Scherzinger

    Very happy for her and so glad I got to see the show. I’m still thinking about it. Will travel to New York to see it again. Glad it sweeped the awards.
  4. Krissykins

    Horror films

    I’d say you can never have too much horror. There have actually only been 4 “big studio” horrors this year. But the indies are showing up and delivering the goods too. Ghosts and slashers next month: Tarot, The Strangers and In A Violent Nature.
  5. Krissykins

    Horror films

    I love Hereditary and Midsommar but didn’t enjoy Beau is Afraid. Apart from the Parker Posey / Mariah Carey scene. That was a showstopper. Wouldn’t consider it a horror film though.
  6. Krissykins

    The Pussycat Dolls

    Yeh I’m very happy for her too. I bet this means a lot. Show was incredible.
  7. Krissykins

    Dua Lipa - "Illusion" + Radical Optimism (May 3)

    The video is great. Is it a ship? An Olympic swimming pool? A boat yard? anyway, its fab.
  8. Krissykins

    Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

    This show is chaotic. But that restaurant bit was funny. Nadine jumped in on Kimberley’s line early, whoops haha.
  9. Krissykins

    The Scream Franchise

    Abigail isn’t tracking well, so spread the word. Looks like it’s headed for a $10-$12m opening. Which would put it between… Imaginary and Night Swim. Urgh.
  10. Krissykins

    Zayn - "Alienated" + Room Under the Stairs (May 17)

    Both new songs sound like Paolo Nutini cosplay to me.
  11. Krissykins

    Perrie - "Forget About Us" + Debut Album

    Perrie has such a big voice and I know they’re not as popular now, but I hope she has a big ballad up her sleeve to show it off.
  12. Krissykins

    Horror films

    P Only $19m so far unfortunately. My local cinema has dropped it to two showings already, and none of them are in the evening. Think it’ll be a short run.
  13. Krissykins

    Horror films

    The $30m for The First Omen is definitely on screen. It looks expensive. That “I Still Know” number was always a head scratcher, but I think I read an interview once and it was actually $24m.
  14. Krissykins

    Horror films

    Thankfully Universal have bought Maxxxine already and it’ll be out 9th August in the UK, so only a month after the US, unlike what happened with Pearl (6 months!)
  15. Krissykins

    Horror films

    15 still isn’t aligned with a hard R though. So it’s interesting that the ratings board still have different attitudes.
  16. Krissykins

    Civil War (Dir. Alex Garland)

    She’s magnificent, really inside the role and she almost seems like someone else entirely. I feel the same as you, and I don’t usually bother watching war films. But it’s very easy to keep up with thankfully, as we’re right there with the small main group of 4 characters for the duration.
  17. Krissykins

    Horror films

    I loved The First Omen too, but I didn’t see anything that would warrant an NC17. It’s only rated a 15 here for example, whereas Immaculate is an 18.
  18. Krissykins

    Civil War (Dir. Alex Garland)

    Got to see this last night in IMAX and it’s the film of the year so far for me. I don’t usually go to see war films (I find the usual ones boring), but this is something else entirely. I was wincing, sweaty palms, jumping, the lot. It’s non stop. It also doesn’t take any sides, so most of the...
  19. Krissykins

    Billie Eilish - HIT ME HARD AND SOFT (May 17)

    Everything I Wanted was also a record of the year for her and not on either of her albums until a deluxe. Record of the year x 2 and Oscar winning song x 2 and she didn’t tack them onto the albums for streams until deluxe versions. Shows some power, as I’m sure her label would’ve been dying to.