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  1. Denemarken

    Charli XCX - "Club classics" / "B2b" + Brat (Jun 7)

    The song is like a speedier and more repetitive Katy On a Mission type of song and I actually really dig it
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    I think the secret levels are actually pretty bearable, except the Climb to the Beat one. God, I don’t know what it is, but whether I’m playing Super Metroid or a Mario Bros. game, I just tend to suck at wall jumping. Or, in this case, I may just be a rhythmic failure.
  3. Denemarken

    Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

    Trish lowkey serving BB6’s Kemal level of nomination-draggings
  4. Denemarken

    Troye Sivan - Something to Give Each Other

    The album is great! But One Of Your Girls is really the homerun single on here, and not just because of the video. It has this vintage early-00’s electronic sound to it that is totally unique in today’s musical landscape. It really reminds me of Air and Mirwais’ work for Madonna.
  5. Denemarken

    Video Games

    Yikes. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl vibes
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

    What’s with the booing for Italy? He looks so sad fff
  7. Denemarken

    Square Enix - Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

    So much footage, but in the end it’s actually nothing more than combat. I mean, it looks glorious and really fun to practise, but based on all that we’ve seen so far I still have no idea what kind of Final Fantasy this is going to be like. Show us more from the story, the characters, the RPG...
  8. Denemarken

    Video Games

    No offense but Stray absolutely shouldn’t be there. Glad for the Xenoblade representation though! They won’t win, but well deserved.
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    Bayonetta 3 reviews are coming in and it seems to be another banger of a game. I particularly love this review by Gamespot already: This is honestly my most anticipated game of the year. I’m so ready to get camp this Friday.
  10. Denemarken

    Square Enix - Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

    It looks incredible.
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    Oh ... wow
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    Lorde - Solar Power

    So the twink in the video is actually her brother. That’s nice.
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    Sick that this is their highest rated Bey album. Self-titled got an 8.8 and Lemonade had a 8.5.
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    The 1975 - Being Funny in a Foreign Language

    I actually really like this and am surprised by this new route they take. At the start it’s really giving me Eleanor Rigby energy but eventually this sounds like a Modern Vampires of the City cut which is honestly one of the best indie rock albums of all time, so that’s a big compliment. Been...
  16. Denemarken

    Username changes

    I’ve held this username for so long but tbh 1) it has aged pretty terribly and 2) I was a complete different person when I picked it in 2016. Could I change it to Denemarken? @SockMonkey
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    Sigh. Wished they would release all Personas at the same time. Reaaally looking forward to 4 Golden and 3 Portable!!!
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    I literally bought a Playstation 3 a few months ago to play Persona 5, I can’t at this news. I’m happy though!
  19. Denemarken

    What is the saddest song you've ever heard?

    Some off the top of my head I'll hit the bottom and escape Beautiful composition. Especially the outro is gut-wrenching, alluding to constantly hitting rock bottom and the frailest state of mind, but getting on with your life with false hopes that one day it'll get better. and I don't want...