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  1. YourTerribleMuriel

    Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

    That was painful I cant
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    Lillix - General Discussion

    I have their album somewhere, I loved the song that was used as the theme song for that awful MTV show Rich Girls.
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    Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

    Just rewatched some of Ghost Hunting With GA and Nadines expression at the start when Yvette walks away is so funny. Also the blatant lie that she's too scared when really she never wanted to do any of the reality tv bits.
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    Atypical (Netflix original - Autistic boy in search of love)

    Just finished it, great series with some very funny moments mixed with some very emotional ones. Perfect length for the episodes too.
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    Dannii Minogue

    This is incredibly basic. Listening to Neon Nights again. I always thought Lovefight would of been a great single too.
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    Loreen - "Is It Love" + General Discussion

    Queen of mumbling her way through songs. Seems to be a similar tone to Body, the EP must be more dance based. I like it but it doesn't go anywhere really. Im still waiting for another Statements moment. Still pleased as there's an EP and Album coming so plenty of opportunity.
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    Loreen - "Is It Love" + General Discussion

    Out now in the U.K. And Ireland!
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    RuPaul's Drag Race: AS2, S9, AS3, S10

    Funny as I read this comment I looked at the tv and there was Dax, randomly on Teen Wolf. Weird timing!
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    Wet Hot American Summer

    I thought the new series was fantastic, much wackier and ott than the first too. The ending in particular was very well done and silly. The almost French and Saunders side comments of them referring to themselves being in a show was also great. Also loved the randomness of Alyssa Milano as the...
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    Stephen King's IT (2017)

    New Clip!
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    Who's Gonna Be On Top? ANTM RATE RESULTS!

    I've been away for a week of gigs and just home for a week of Pride gigs this week so il be back to the rate next week gals. Il be away every now and again over gigs so be patient with me! All that Cycle 6 talk just reminds me why it's such a great season! So good!
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    So I'm on a nostalgic buzz tonight watching interviews with lots of my late 90s faves. Check out this interview with Daphne and Celeste where at the start hey talk about touring with Steps. They obviously love H and pretty much non subtlety joke about the gay thing to each other (also their...
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    So I just went to watch some Lolly videos on YouTube and hardly any of her videos of there. Shame. Per Semore Amore and Big Boys are still bop. I also just rediscovered One Plus One. That would of been a great follow up single instead of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (which she didn't like at all)...
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    Schitt's Creek

    Ugh she's so good. I need another season now.
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    Stephen King's IT (2017)

    New trailer is out!
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    Stephen King's IT (2017)

    New trailer on Thursday. A little teaser trailer for it came out today. September needs to hurry up.
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    Once Upon a Time

    I'm so here for this mess.
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    Tatu - The Best

    Also watching that video of her interview with the homophobic comments makes me so sad and uncomfortable. It's interesting to note that half of the audience doesn't clap and majority look uncomfortable too so it's clear it's something people are scared to talk about maybe. Part of me thinks (or...
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    Tatu - The Best

    Yeah watching videos like this from the last few years make me sad. Her voice is fucked but her image is jaded over all the controversial issues of late. I always wonder how popular is she actually over there or is she more of a tabloid figure. Their last performance together last year where...
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    Who's Gonna Be On Top? ANTM RATE RESULTS!

    How the fuck did she rank so far!?? It still baffles me. She literally couldn't of given a fuck.