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    Estelle - Various Features + General Discussion

    yes its Christian... hes doing a clothing for Puma with Estelle...i think its finisehd already
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    Janet Jackson - Discipline

    Euro Dates are coming =) Janet confirmed it, i guess they will be out in few months time, but she wont tour europe b4 the end of 08....there was a rumour it was canceled.... Im blaming the whole janet thing atm on JD he dragged the poor woman out of virgin, where they ever tolerated her...
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    Mel B feat Janet

    janet likes to whisper on random ppl tracks... its usualy a word or 2... and then she ends up calling it a DUET! she did those for bigger flops than Mel B is....
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    Kalomira - My Secret Combination

    shes cute!
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    Scarlett Johansson

    its time for her to go away...
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    Mutya Buena

    thanks! the track is pretty cool [retaggin it ^_^ ]
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    Janet's 'Rock With U' tour.

    thank god shes finally on that tour! it was about damn time!
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    Mutya Buena

    bumping the topic....since i dont wanna make a new bout something probably unimportant what is the thrack JUST A REMIX? new?old?bside?
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    Lindsay Lohan - "Bossy" from 3rd album.

    its better than i expected, but nothing fresh imo
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    Geri Halliwell - Ugenia Lavender Theme Song

    no , he did the radio edit, and i wouldnt wanna leak some insider info... but its gettin remixed by Jacques le conte ATM ... its one hell of a shocker 0_o
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    Janet Jackson - Discipline

    lol!!! im actually shocked by the amount of clothes she has on there... thats one gorgeous subtle photo of jan!
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    New Lindsay Lohan Album: "Kylie Meets Rihanna"

    i dunno how will that work, she might end up looking ridiculous, and its hard to stand out now with kylie/rihanna songs... i still think the more rocky edgy songs are for her , mainly, coz those kinda tracks suit her voice.. and for a difference la lohan can actually sing ! (not like hilarious...
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    Estelle - Various Features + General Discussion

    its one gorgeous track
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    Pics of Madonna looking scary at the R&R Hall of Fame event

    justin looks just retarded...what an up the ass smile that is
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    Siobhán Donaghy

    Re: Siobhan Donaghy - Carl Mcintosh [new single?] seems so.... let the topic sink....
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    Siobhán Donaghy

    Carl Mcintosh New Siobhan track is out there.... is it maybe a new single? edit: its actually track "Obscured by Crowds" from ghosts session.... bleh :/ Ghosts sessions, co-written with James Sanger and Carl McIntosh
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    Lindsay Lohan - No More Secrets (New Album Tracklisting?)

    im not ashamed to say that i have RAW the 2nd album.... if 3rd one is hippity hoppity bull... i dont think ill be getting it
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    Wideboys feat. Shaznay Lewis - Daddy O

    shaznay lookin good there
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    Janet Jackson - Discipline

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    Eurythmics & Annie Lennox

    at least she must love that amazing video for it, its just super hot.