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    Annie - Don’t Stop

    Re: Annie - "Don't Stop" + I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me It's the insistent throbbing synth with the melancholic vocals floating over it. Dare I say it feels "I Feel Love"-esque? (though not as good of course). It's my favourite track of 2008 so far. Agree that Anniemal is better than "Don't...
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    Jessica Mauboy - Yours Forever

    I know Jessica Mauboy can sing, so I have NFI as to why the vocals sound overly autotuned. Flo-Rida's rap is superfluous and strongly reeks of "let's chuck an American rapper with some name recognition on so we can drum up some more sales". Generic R&B/Electro fare, but that's popular at the...
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    Rachel Stevens

    Oh well, I'm sure there will be some other appropriately vacant pop moppet installed in her place to foist decent material on.
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    Britney Spears - Circus

    It's an adequate club banger and will do good business, but I agree with those who find it a bit lacking. I think the vocals let it down - they're overly flat and don't seem to fit the track in places. Too much autotune? re: ranking of lead singles - what's with the under-ranking of ...Baby One...
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    Who Used The Sample Of "Sitaution" Better: Heidi Montag Or The Saturdays?

    I like the keychange. Considering the sample is the only memorable thing about either track, I'd say they both used the sample quite well.
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    General Heidi Montag Stuff Thread

    Barely - they're both lazy tracks which relies on the sample to make them somewhat memorable (good sample to use though).
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    That "Pjanoo" track isn't quite right...

    This sounds like a Chicane reject with a quicker beat, but it gets the job done *tick of approval, though not enthusiastic*
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    Digital downloads bad for chart?

    I like downloads - I can buy tracks without having to get the several remixes I don't even want or bodgy B-sides (yes, there are good B-sides, but in general, I find them more miss than hit). I don't understand why some people think downloads "distort" the chart. The charts are a sign of...
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    "Say You'll Be There" - Spice Boys 5

    There could have been some snickerworthy moments if they sung their own vocals. However a bunch of guys half-arsedly miming to a couple of Spice Girls tracks is an utter waste of everybody's time. Why do people bother making this shit...
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    Leona Lewis #1 in US iTunes

    Slightly bemused at all this talk about Leona not having personality - PR bullshit and our projected fantasies aside, neither do most other pop stars out there. I suppose they could hide Leona's lack of personality a bit better, but it seems nobody cares. A bit of truth never hurt anybody. I...
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    The Veronicas - Hook Me Up Album Discussion

    Good news for the Veronicas in the Aussie charts this week - Hook Me Up the single shoots up to #1 (their first #1 hit), while Hook Me Up the album debuts at #2. I suppose I should go and get the album, considering I've seen it at quite reasonable prices and I do love the single a lot.
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    Girls Aloud - Call The Shots (17th Single)

    The whole single has the stench of Atomic Kitten around it - kind of catchy, a bit cheesy and ultimately pointless. This does not mean it will flop commercially though - just look at Atomic Kitten's chart record. Nicola's Middle 8 part is great though, and the starry effect that accompanies it...
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    Girls Aloud - Call The Shots (17th Single)

    Maybe we need an official Sugababes vs Girls Aloud thread to stop the same moronic off-topic postings happening in every thread. This reminds me of a SAW track, but it appears somebody forgot to include the hooks. It's "noice", but I was hoping for something a bit more catchy. Favourite part is...
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    Delta Goodrem - Delta

    Shipped, not sold. Certifications are based on copies shipped to stores. We can only hope - anything to save us from the usual uptempo/slower ballad cycle. "In This Life" falls into the former.
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    Sugababes - Change

    I was a bit underwhelmed by the live performance, but I suspect the studio version will sound quite good. I''ll wait and see on this one...
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    Mandy Moore

    Yeah, very interested in listening to this one if it''s around - Mandy can actually sing. Rihanna''s flatness in the original still grates me to no end.
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    Sugababes - Change

    As a sidenote, in terms of taking on generic pop, I thought "Hole In The Head" was a vastly superior effort.
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    Sugababes - Change

    A good remix could make this into a dirty electro piece - the elements are there already. I suspect this one will grow on me like the "Push The Button" did. It is not particularly challenging, but it is catchy. The first couple of verses are a bit flat, but Heidi''s bridge saves the song from...
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    Sugababes - Change

    "Obviously"? I much prefer "Freak Like Me". However, I think the Sugababes have an excellent record of lead singles from proper albums ("Easy" not so much) As for this one, the only thing I could really conclude from listening to the short clip is that the quality of the clip is really shit...
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    James Blunt - 1973 (Inc the VIDEO!)

    At least there''s no hideous wailing. Fairly inoffensive, I think my mum would like it. Very listenable, but I prefer my music to be a bit more stimulating.