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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Re: Korean Pop Oh dear God. The JYJ EP is an Engrish mess. Couldn't they just have released it in Korean or Japanese?!
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    La Roux - La Roux (album)

    I prefer the original mix and video. The new mix sounds tinny and with too many layers. The new video is just... boring. Elly looks more comfortable though.
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    ^ With lots of Key! I just deleted my Tumblr. I need to create another one soon. My new one. I'm pretty sure it's the same URL though. I'll be posting my album covers, songs and music reviews. Photos might pop up here and there as well.
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    Coming out stories

    Oh my dear God. I cannot tolerate people who think homosexuality is a mental condition. One of my good friends recently told me that this was just a phase and that I would get over it. That or I have a serious mental problem and need to get counseling now. I about flipped when she called me a...
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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Re: Korean Pop Wow. "Irreversible" is fantastic. An absolute breath of fresh air (etc, etc)! It reminds me of Ivy's "Sonata of Temptation" but more Latin. I haven't made it far into the EP yet so I can't judge if I like the full body of work, but "Irreversible" is just great.
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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Re: Korean Pop I love "Into The New World." It's the only song I can stand from their first album. The music video is great too.
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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Re: Korean Pop I love f(x), but they can be underwhelming. I'm still waiting for SM to give them better material though. Weren't they first marketed as the female Shinee?
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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Re: Korean Pop Oh my God. *falls over dead* "Copy & Paste" is AMAZING. I just can't right now... In other news, I'll be listening to a crap ton of kpop tonight after I go tag happy.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    The majority of BoA's Copy & Paste (the LP).
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    Explicit Version of 'Good Girl Gone Bad'

    Was an explicit version of Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad ever commissioned? The censoring drives me insane.
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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Re: Korean Pop "COPY & PASTE" IS FUCKING AMAZING. Yes. I'm judging it on a less than 30 second clip. SUE ME.
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    Your unpopular pop opinions

    THIS. Oh my God. I listened to like five seconds of that song on the front page of PJ and closed the tab.
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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Re: Korean Pop MAKNAE TAEMIN! Sorry. I kind of had to do that. May I also be in the group?
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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Re: Korean Pop Translation for "Hurricane Venus."
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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Re: Korean Pop Oh. My. Fucking. God. "Hurricane Venus" is properly AMAZING. The teaser video looks quite good too.
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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Re: Korean Pop ^ Nobody really cares for your opinion. I just pre-ordered the BoA album and I cannot wait for the digital release (just because it's three days before the physical release). The album cover is gorgeous too.
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    Annie - Don’t Stop

    Do it Kirkland!
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    HMV (+ Fopp xx)

    Yes. All of her albums are expensive in-store. Buying them online via Amazon marketplace is vastly cheaper!
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    Pop fonts.

    So true.