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  1. jvamaral

    Madonna - The Celebration Tour

    I could complain about the chaos that will take place in the city and how we probably won't be able to see much, but to attend her concert with the biggest audience ever? Oh, I will be there.
  2. jvamaral

    Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS (spilled)

    If we're comparing "bad idea, right?" and "get him back!" with Olivia's own work (as we should), they're not "good 4 u" or even "deja vu" in terms of commercial success, so I think it's natural for her team to want her to have those numbers again.
  3. jvamaral

    Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS (spilled)

    If they want the next single to make an impact, she should pick a ballad as the 4th single. There's no point in going with another uptempo song if the most commercial two of the album failed to make a connection with the audience and her ballads (up to this point) are still very well received -...
  4. jvamaral

    Madonna - The Celebration Tour

    Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… Tokischa! *bass fades in* Tokischa, ¿que lo qué? Yo quiero un culo nuevo…
  5. jvamaral

    Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS (spilled)

    Can someone screenshot any frame from the Vampire music video teaser, turn it into an actual album cover and send it to her label?
  6. jvamaral

    Madonna - 15th Album

    That's awful news. I've been worried with the way they have been handling the tour so far, with way too many tour dates, now to hear what happened...
  7. jvamaral

    Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS (spilled)

    She dropped the ball quite hard with this cover, at least for me. It's not interesting, it doesn't bring much associations with it and it's giving Rare.
  8. jvamaral

    Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

    What time does the concert start? She never really got her setlists right, imo. I can't imagine what she'll do having to cover 10 albums.
  9. jvamaral

    Grammys 2023

    The Grammys would have to have a lot of nerve to give Album of the Year to anyone who isn't Beyoncé, especially if it's Harry or Adele.
  10. jvamaral


    I honestly think she was saving the videos for the tour announcement, but considering the foot accident, she had to postpone the tour, therefore, the videos. Maybe she was even planning to perform here and there, but couldn't do it. I hope she's feeling confident now and we'll get both treats soon.
  11. jvamaral

    Madonna - The Celebration Tour

    Don't come for me, but I can't stand Like a Prayer on her tours anymore. But there's absolutely no chance it won't be included, so I hope she'll choose to perform with an interpolation of another song or something that changes it a little.
  12. jvamaral

    Madonna - The Celebration Tour

    Now it's the time to make our favorite Madonna song go viral or something, so she'll have to perform to speak to the younger generations. Can we start making tiktok videos using Let It Will Be (Sped-Up Version)?
  13. jvamaral

    Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want to Turn Into You (Everasking Edition)

    I wasn't expecting anything less from her cover. However, how come do we have to wait more four months for it?
  14. jvamaral

    Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

    What's Your Pleasure? live was absolutely nasty. An outer world experience.
  15. jvamaral

    Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher

    I just saw Lorde call Phoebe on stage to join her during Stoned At the Nail Salon at Primavera Sound. Iconic.
  16. jvamaral

    Dua Lipa - "Illusion" + Radical Optimism (May 3)

    She should go full SexyBack with her next song. Dominatrix vibes.
  17. jvamaral

    Charlie Puth - Charlie

    I think this is his best album so far. Can't stop listening to Charlie Be Quiet!.
  18. jvamaral


    But guys, the last minute of Heated... Work.
  19. jvamaral

    Lana Del Rey

    I just love her interviews, she's a lot more open and honest than other artists. I loved how she didn't hold back and told them she's sort of having a creative block.
  20. jvamaral

    Primavera Festival 2024

    I got my tickets to São Paulo! I'm more excited to see Caroline than anyone else.