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    General School/University/Higher Education Discussion

    I get my GCSE results next Tuesday. I'm petrified.
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    TV Casts That Hated Each Other!

    I don't know about people hating each other, but I do know that both Mischa Barton and Adam Brody hated their characters in The OC.
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    Things you did as a kid.

    It looks like Ronald McDonald and Pocahontas got married and had children. Those were the results.
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    Gen III is my favourite, it really is. Everything about it was beautiful. Although it took me years to find Pacidifilog Town.
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    Define your day with a song

    Bad Day - Daniel Powter. I have had a bad day.
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    Britney Spears

    I was talking to a Greek boy in Corfu last week about what English-speaking music he liked, and when we were asking him who he knew I asked him if he knew Britney. My cousin then comes in and said 'like he'll know Britney Spears, no one knows who she is!' Um. What.
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    MTV VMAs 2010

    I remember the 2007 VMAs the most, because of Britney's Gimme More performance and also Rihanna and Chris Brown's performance together. Which was actually brilliant.
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    JLS - Outta This World

    Re: JLS 2nd Album November 2010 The voice on Hey Mama sounds so much like Nicki Minaj, it's unreal. I'm almost positive it's her.
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    Artists with multiple 'once in a career' kind of singles

    I personally think Rihanna is Umbrella > Rude Boy. (I flit around with Rihanna's.)
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    Britney Spears

    'My big secret is that I actually prefer iced lattes to frappes, y'all!'
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    Hair [General Discussion/ Q&A/ Whatever]

    I want to dye my hair blonde but my mum won't let me. Swap, Bovvered?
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    I've deleted my old Tumblr and now I'm
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    No, not liking as in having a crush on you, just as in they don't dislike you. But I just think I'll unfollow them spontaneously one day.
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    Drop-down adverts

    No, the advert played music every single time you clicked on to a new screen, then after you'd clicked stop and been on the page for a while it started again. It was awful.
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    Dilemma: what do you do if you're following someone who you dislike but they like you? Do you unfollow? Or is that mean?
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    Drop-down adverts

    If someone thinks these ones are bad then they should have been here for the Santogold advert a year or so ago.
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    Artists with multiple 'once in a career' kind of singles

    Not really, I'd say that was Umbrella.
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    Selena Gomez & The Scene - A Year Without Rain (2nd Album & Singles)

    Re: Selena Gomez & The Scene--A Year Without Rain (album and singles) I cannot wait for this album. Because I fucking love Selena Gomez. (This 'I love Selena' broadcast has been brought to you by the fact I took the album in the car today and my love has been rekindled.)
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    Oh it's you!
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    Ashlee Simpson

    I'm not Ashlee Simpson's biggest fan, but some of her songs really get to me. Never Dream Alone especially. I cry bucketloads at that song.