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  1. RobR

    Insane crushes

    Done. I can completely sympathise with your situations Kiefer and Mr Blonde. Not fun, but I think the more you try to work out those feelings and just be up front with both yourself and your respective crushes, the better it will be. Try to make it clear in your head, it negates some of the...
  2. RobR

    Insane crushes

    I'm not even mad. That gif. is all kinds of amazing.
  3. RobR

    Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

    I was all for hearing more Hip/Hop influenced Lana, but the Paradise edition has convinced me otherwise. I love 'Ride', so I'm completely 'here' for more lush, Americana-influenced soft-rock if she wants to go that way. To be honest, I'll probably be happy with whatever she puts out. I stan...
  4. RobR

    Insane crushes

    Cheers all! Feels nice to be able to say something positive in here for once!
  5. RobR

    Insane crushes

    Yarrr boo. It was nice, went to Rev de Cuba (which is amazing).
  6. RobR

    Insane crushes

    So I met a guy. I may have gone about things in the wrong order (one night stand preceding a date) but I've spent a fair bit of time with him over the past week and he seems great. Happy there's been some development in this area of my life, it took a while... Suppose I just see where things...
  7. RobR

    Frank Ocean

    I love the new unreleased track. It's incredible. Love the vibe from it.
  8. RobR

    Pitbull - Feel This Moment (Feat. Christina Aguilera)

    Of all things to sample... Not a fan of this, I'm usually on-board with generic club stompers (see: Scream and Shout, Havana Brown) but this is just shit. And it has Pitbull in it, so it was bad before I even heard it.
  9. RobR

    Random Pop Thoughts

    I was expecting that to explode after Timbaland's rap. But he just keeps going, and Keri comes in with some weak-vocoded vocals. Terrible. I love the production on it though, it could be amazing if they actually took the verses that Nicole sang and put them on it.
  10. RobR


    Haha my favourite quote was the very last one.
  11. RobR

    Ke$ha - Warrior

    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album) A brilliant description of Kesha. I love her, she's just pure pop without any complicating message.
  12. RobR

    Girls Aloud 2013 Tour

    I'm so annoyed I'm not going to this. They're in Sheffield tomorrow. TOMORROW. And my friends are all to bleghhh to care. Shameful.
  13. RobR

    Your Debut Album Cover

    I got that vibe too. Bit of this too.
  14. RobR

    Your Debut Album Cover

    Genuinely amazed at how mine turned out! AllenCovert (I took the space out for artistic reasons, ALLCAPSLOCKARTPOP~) are a male duo who will release this debut album, "Other Guy's Point of View" this spring. Their blend of intricate dance sounds - hailed from inspirations such as Delphic...
  15. RobR

    Beyoncé's Album (It's real.)

    Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013) Yeah it's funny and has presented some amazing moments (namely this one) but I don't respect her as much as I do Beyonce. Sometimes - well most of the time - Mariah comes off like some warped persona as opposed to an actual human being with humility and...
  16. RobR

    Beyoncé's Album (It's real.)

    Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013) I don't buy the no personality thing. I'd rather her keep herself to herself than go down the 'Mariah' route and try to shade every living thing. Mariah has an ego that is so big that it almost has it's own gravitational pull. Beyonce is very mysterious...
  17. RobR

    Frank Ocean

    Not Tame Impala. Never Tame Impala. I'd love a new album this year from him though. In fact, I need it. I've listened to both 'channel ORANGE' and the mixtape so much now, I need some new Frank to tide me over!
  18. RobR

    Beyoncé's Album (It's real.)

    Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013) That Danja track sounds very promising. I'd love for her to embrace more tribal, acoustic beats like that with some sinister sounding instrumentals. Dark, sexy and almost voodoo like. It would be magical.
  19. RobR

    Rihanna - Unapologetic

    No, no, NO to 'Right Now' being a single. If she wants a club-banger go for 'Jump', it's so much better and far more interesting sonically. 'Right Now' is a sound that's been done to death. 'Jump' has a slick breakdown that you don't really hear much of in the charts. It sounds like it could...
  20. RobR

    Your unpopular pop opinions

    I love 'We Found Love' and probably always will, no matter how much it gets played. It's an absolute beast of a track and Rihanna goes and destroys the whole thing with her desolate vocals (by destroy - I mean in a good way, the whole song could be this happy thumper but instead feels cold...