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  1. MsBelladonna

    Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine

    I am in tears i watched the video 3 times... lol going through a break up myself and moving on its just made me feel things.
  2. MsBelladonna

    Paloma Faith - The Glorification of Sadness

    oh i love this album its so good to me, God In A Dress oof it gave me chills
  3. MsBelladonna

    A*Teens (2024 Reunion) + General Discussion

    im so excited something is happening! i was so obsessed with them back in the day! im excited for whats to come, Im having a A*Teens jam session atm and Dancing queen came up.... i dont know how my parents though i was straight while I danced in my room while having it on repeat X_X
  4. MsBelladonna

    Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

    now if only they can upload What Will The Neighbours Say? Live In Concert on itunes so i can add it to the other concerts lol
  5. MsBelladonna

    Shaznay Lewis - Pages

    I'm So ready for this! i loved her first album
  6. MsBelladonna

    Sugababes - "When the Rain Comes" + 9th Album

    share it sis
  7. MsBelladonna

    Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

    saw the post, got goosebumps and screamed... its coming my loves!
  8. MsBelladonna

    Madison Rose - TECHNICOLOR (Bop filled debut album!)

    I just discovered her yesterday! her album is so good no skips! an i love the new single
  9. MsBelladonna

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Ugh I’m at work and I’m missing out on the leaks I wanna hear talk with your body on full
  10. MsBelladonna

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    ugh i want Talk With Your Body
  11. MsBelladonna

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    finally off work and just listened to Heavenly Body .. GIRL ... this song is everything! why wasn't this added to the main album
  12. MsBelladonna

    Kim Petras - Slut Pop Miami

    i was thinking about going to the denver concert.. but idk...
  13. MsBelladonna

    Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

    I got paid today so i got me the VIP Meet And Greet For The Denver Show! im so excited to see her live!
  14. MsBelladonna

    Lisa Scott-Lee

  15. MsBelladonna

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    ugh i wonder what the track listing will be for the show
  16. MsBelladonna

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    i cant wait I'm in new mexico so its not too far 8 hour drive! gonna aim for the January dates! cant wait!!!!!!!!!
  17. MsBelladonna

    Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

    listening to the demo version of the album it flows so well, I got both Vinyls and CD preordered! have to wait to get paid again to get the shirts! i cant fking wait im so excited for this era!!!!!!!
  18. MsBelladonna

    Nadine Coyle

    shes using distrokid as well so i wonder if shes self funding her own releases now
  19. MsBelladonna

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    ok so listening to tension in full i got goose bumps and was feeling the fantasy gorl! i love it so so good
  20. MsBelladonna

    Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

    ugh erotic electronic in HQ is that girl.... i cant stop listening to it....