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  1. flipper30

    Spanish Selection 2009 (MySpace)

    I think Soraya is made for Eurovision, it's a shame she'd not saved 'Sin Miedo' as a single release and entered that for the competition. I can't understand why it hasn't been a hit - and it would be perfect for Eurovision. Saying that, I do love 'La Noche es Para Mi' , although i have to agree...
  2. flipper30

    Kim Wilde Returns!

    Slightly disappointed by You Came 2006. I was expecting a stomping dance, hands up in the air version rather than a rock re-working. Still, it's always nice to have Kim back, though will agree that she will never better Never Trust A Stranger
  3. flipper30

    The Single Version

    I think the single mix can be a poisoned chalice though. I always remember loving the album version of Donna Summer's Love's About to Change My Heart and then being devastated when it was rejigged terribly when released as a single. I still don't think I'm over the disappointment.... And I...
  4. flipper30

    Carola & European Athletics

    I just heard Lena Anthem too - never thought I'd hear any of these in the UK, let alone on a sports programme. Obviously someones raided local record stores or, like you say, there's a big old gay Eurovision fan at BBC Sport. Wonder what they'll play next? I'm holding out for Min Karlek....
  5. flipper30

    Carola & European Athletics

    How bizarre! Just switched on for coverage of the European Athletics on the BBC and they're using an instrumental version of Carola's Invincible as their theme tune - Carola on the BBC, I nearly dropped my biscuit in my tea! I assume it's because the athletics is in Stockholm, or maybe Colin...
  6. flipper30

    Just brought some Eurovision related albums...

    Carola's album is excellent! Despite a few ballads it's packed full of schlager-type anthems, and is well worth the money. It's a bargain at £8.75 on so you can't really go wrong with it....