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  1. kileva1

    The Big Reunion (series 1)

    Setlist tonight for the Christmas Party tour was mainly the same as the earlier tour this year but with added Christmas songs. Five: Medley: We Will Rock You/Everybody Get Up If Ya Gettin' Down Keep On Movin' B*Witched: C'est la Vie Rollercoaster Blame It On The Weatherman 911...
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    Girls Aloud 2013 Tour

    I went and queued this morning for Capital FM Arena's presale and got really good seated tickets. The arena always holds back the best tickets for the box office compared to the online presale for their arena.
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    It states on amazon (I think) that its the original broadcast so won't have the extended stuff. They'll wheel that out at a later date to make more money.
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    That monsters University site is amazing! They've outdone themselves.
  5. kileva1

    The Hunger Games Trilogy (Book Spoilers!)

    Glimmer and Clove are the wrong way round.
  6. kileva1

    Elsie - The Assassin (Released February 5th)

    Its a big change from her older style of music back when she released as Laura Critchley ("Elsie" being created from her initals LC). This was a song she did back when.
  7. kileva1

    S Club 7 Reunion

    Re: S Club 7 reunion/TV Show/Greatest Hits If it happens, release of Viva S Club, the S Club United tour and the missing track 'Rain' please!
  8. kileva1

    Mathew Knowles' next project - From Above

    That's a pic of the girls at the EMA's. L-R is Seyi, Ashley, Chelsy, Monique and Daisy. Ashley and Chelsy used to be in that BBC programme Dance X.
  9. kileva1

    Britney Spears

    Her first performance in UK was on the National Lottery. I'm sure it was before Baby one More Time was released because I remember the presenter was saying who she was, that her single was soon due out and he predicted big things would happen for her.
  10. kileva1

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    No, she had a short brunette bob in first film but was a different actress in half blood prince onwards
  11. kileva1

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    They're doing this in quite a lot of Cineworld cinemas. I dont know about Dublin but its £4 per Harry Potter film or you can buy a pass for all films for £21 (£3 per film). My sister and I are planning on getting this pass as its a one off.
  12. kileva1

    3D Movies - Your Thoughts?

    I hate that despite having an unlimited card for cineworld, we have to pay the extra 1.50 for 3D. Its fine when you get a choice to watched 2D instead, but annoying on 3D only where we don't get the choice. They are darker as well. Probably more noticeable for me as I wear glasses to cinema so...
  13. kileva1

    Swedish girlgroup Play

    Gutted! I'm so glad we got Under My Skin album at least from them. It's so so good.
  14. kileva1

    The Apprentice 2011 (UK)

    Ive figured out why Leon looks familiar! Glyn from Big Brother is his double. Its been bugging me since the start that has.
  15. kileva1

    It's Pilot Season!

    I mean throughout the year, i.e. whether a renewal happens for the big c for season 3. I just wondered when they announce their renewals.
  16. kileva1

    It's Pilot Season!

    Thanks. I mostly need to know whether The Big C, Hot In Cleveland and True Blood will be renewed.
  17. kileva1

    It's Pilot Season!

    Do cable networks announce any pilot pickups or renewals/cancellations?
  18. kileva1

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    My feelings exactly. As mentioned, the goblet of fire scene stands out for being cringeworthy! You don't get the feeling of love toward Harry that Dumbledore has compared to the books, from Gambon. Richard Harris did seem to show this in 1 & 2. I know it can't be helped re Richard but Gambon was...
  19. kileva1

    The Saturdays - On Your Radar

    Then again, S Club did it on Seeing Double album with Gangsta Love. But it wasn't a single so not as bad (assuming The Saturdays song will be as cringeworthy as Gangsta Love was).
  20. kileva1

    Pixar films

    Monsters, Inc isnt. Its apparently shown when Sully is watching the trash compactor and fainting but I've not seen it yet. Theres meant to be another one for The Incredibles. The computer showing coordinates is supposed to show A1 and 13 as the coordinates (I think - it was on a Pixar...