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    Usher - Coming Home

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    Doja Cat - Scarlet 2 CLAUDE

    Three new versions of songs from Scarlet featuring The Joy who performed with her at Coachella:
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    Charli XCX - “360” + Brat (Jun 7)

    Yeah, they would’ve fit right in with the type of cameos that were featured in the video ddd.
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    Charli XCX - “360” + Brat (Jun 7)

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    Welp. Recent interview with Jon Wertheim:
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    Ms. Lauryn Hill

    Full performance:
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    FLO - "Walk Like This" + Debut Album

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    Yup, even Medvedev who’s made strides on clay over the years is pretty seriously injured. We could have a random/unexpected French Open champion on the men’s side for the first time in 20 years.
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    Tame Impala - The Slow Rush

    Everyone’s selling their catalog for an eight figure cheque these last few years it seems like.
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    Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS (spilled)

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    Cardi B - "Enough (Miami)" + 2nd Album

    Well then…
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    Wicked (Nov 24)

    Yeah, I’m shocked that it isn’t working for me either. And I love Cynthia’s voice whenever I hear her and she usually makes great choices vocally.