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  1. Utopia

    Shaznay Lewis - Pages

    Just got around to listening. All the pre release tracks were good but they also didn’t really grab me. But I’m so impressed with it as a body of work. Will have to pick up a vinyl this week.
  2. Utopia

    Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show *SPOILERS*

    How much time did they spend on the main stage vs the catwalk? I’m in VIP tonight and trying to workout where the best place is to stand…
  3. Utopia

    Kelly Clarkson - Chemistry

    One of my favourites on My December actually. She’s doing Addicted on the show next week.
  4. Utopia

    Eurovision 2024

    This is also something to keep in mind when looking at why that country performed so well in the public vote.
  5. Utopia

    Kelly Clarkson - Chemistry

    Yeah, she never actually said how she lost weight outside of “listening to her doctor” and saying that she was pre diabetic before losing it. Even keeping in mind she didn’t owe anyone an explanation, I don’t think what she said previously was misleading. (The cookbook thing was from 2018 ddd)
  6. Utopia


    Frankee’s actually the only one I still follow but she never posts ddd. I did notice a while back that the group account was taken over by someone else. Was it actually Chanal who’s responsible for that?!
  7. Utopia

    Kelly Clarkson - Chemistry

    She addressed why the Belasco show was never released in her interview with Whoopi today. When she watched back the footage she realised how heavy she’d gotten and she didn’t like how she looked. (Her atrocious styling that night definitely didn’t help). Wish they’d released the full audio...
  8. Utopia

    Kelly Clarkson - Chemistry

    The key to being a Kelly Clarkson stan is keeping your expectations low. I won’t get my hopes up until a Breakaway20 vinyl is in my hands.
  9. Utopia

    Avril Lavigne - 8th Album

    They’re up on since earlier today, all out 21 June
  10. Utopia

    Kelly Clarkson - Chemistry

    The closest we’re going to get to a Breakaway 20 acknowledgement or release
  11. Utopia

    Sabrina Carpenter - "Espresso"

    Now that’s what I call deserved.
  12. Utopia

    Emma Bunton

    it’s interesting because it seemed like she worked with a broad range of producers and was experimenting with a few different sounds as the album was coming together. In the months before the album release she talked about recording with Rodney Jerkins and Bryan Adams. There was also a report in...
  13. Utopia

    Spice Girls

  14. Utopia

    Kelly Clarkson - Chemistry

    It’s pleasant enough.
  15. Utopia

    Sabrina Carpenter - "Espresso"

    Oh I am loving this.
  16. Utopia

    Emma Bunton

    Life In Mono has now disappeared from streaming services in UK and Ireland, making it unavailable everywhere. Baffling.
  17. Utopia

    Kelly Clarkson - Chemistry

  18. Utopia

    Kelly Clarkson - Chemistry

    Allegedly she’s on a duet with James Arthur out April 19….
  19. Utopia

    Mini Viva

    This has just reminded me what a fantastic song I’m Hooked is.
  20. Utopia

    Louise - Greatest Hits

    It was the same for me - if it was a few weeks earlier or later, I’d have planned a separate trip. But in the grand scheme, I don’t know if it would have made that much difference in terms of ticket sales.