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    Oh period, we support Moistbreezy domination in this household.
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    Charli XCX - “360” + Brat (Jun 7)

    Number 1 Angel, Pop 2 and Crash are all in Charli's top three. She's a vers queen!
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    Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

    I'm incredibly proud of her for how far she's come, but even as early as 2016 she was amazing already. Those early Be The One performances will always have a special place in my heart. It feels almost unreal that she was already a staple on radio stations over here thanks to Be The One and...
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    I expect Metroid Prime 2 (and 3?) Remastered and an update on Prime 4, something Zelda (The Wind Waker HD or Twilight Princess HD, or maybe even a new 2D game developed by Grezzo? Pretty please!), perhaps a new Mario sports game or something like that. I guess they could also finally port...
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    Their fiscal year ends in March, right? So in theory they could still wait until after their next big holiday season before actually announcing the Switch 2 dd. I'm glad to hear a Direct is coming in June though, I wonder how they are planning on filling the Switch's final few months with...
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    Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

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    Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

    Just finished my first listen and I can confidently say that AOTY has arrived. Incredible project, beginning to end. Dua just gets it, I honestly don't think there's any other artist in pop as exciting as her right now. I can't really pick any favourites yet, but End Of An Era and Falling...
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    Random Thoughts

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    That's honestly insane!
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    The Lana Del Rey Discography Rate

    See, when you're a legendary album... On another note, I never really got around to thanking @rdp and @drewsky for hosting this rate, and you two honestly did such an amazing job! I don't think any other artist has ever stormed into my life as quickly and as impactfully as Lana did back in...
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    Charli XCX - “360” + Brat (Jun 7)

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    No Doubt (2024 Reunion + Coachella)
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    Nintendo I was hoping for something like this. I only played the original last year (I think?) for the first time and while I had an amazing time with the game, I did think that the excessive...
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    Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism

    I think the only reason we had physical singles for Houdini and Training Season is that the Training Season ones had already been produced by the time they switched to Houdini as the lead single; otherwise we probably only would've gotten Houdini. That also explains why the Training Season vinyl...
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    Wait this looks great!? It's kinda giving Ori meets Celeste, both of which I loved.
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    Troye Sivan - Something to Give Each Other

    There better be a European leg next year. I'm seeing Troye on his tour anyway, but seeing them both together would be incredible.
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    Charli XCX - “360” + Brat (Jun 7)

    Oh this is going to be iconic.