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    Madonna - 2012 World Tour

    I can't believe Madonna is going to be playing Edinburgh, especially as me and my partner only live ten minutes away from Murrayfield so we can pretty much walk there and walk back! (and possibly get very drunk) I thought the tickets weren't available till tomorrow. If someone has anymore...
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    Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

    Re: The original Sugababes are back. Lets hope after a year Siobhan falls out with Keisha and then they have to find a replacement and hire Heidi and the cycle starts all over again in a new decade… *Runs into distance and never looks back*
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    Your unpopular pop opinions

    There aren't enough songs about 'The Club'… only joking If I'd known that Run the World (Girls) was going to be the only highlight from Beyonce's album 4 I'd have got far more invested in that song, because Best Thing I Never Had was abysmal. The lyrics are not appropriate for anyone of her...
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    S08E30 & 31 - Tenth Live Shows / The Finals

    See if I entered the X Factor competition (and won) can I just not take the £10K and not see any of these shows?
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    S08E30 & 31 - Tenth Live Shows / The Finals

    Oh god it's Buble... he's looking full of xmas cheer.
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    X Factor 2011

    I hope Little Mix replace the hole left in my heart left by Sugababes 2.0...
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    Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne

    Re: Avril Lavigne - 5th Studio Album (Late 2011/Early 2012) She should get the Matrix involved again and go full circle, well maybe a nice logarithmic spiral would be more appropriate.
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    Beyonce - Why Don't You Love Me?

    I really like the MK Ultra remix of this song, camp as tits the way I likes it! I've just bought it off iTunes, couldn't be bothered with the other mix it was a bit too bleh for my liking.
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    Did you ever get insulted by a record store employee for your taste?

    I was buying Kylie's 'X' album in HMV and took it up to the counter (I'm not bashful at all, I've went to the shops to buy my flatmates tampons and thrush cream when the rivers are particularly heavy flowing that month). The guy behind the counter looked at it and asked 'oh is this a present?'...
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    Greatest instrumental breakdowns

    I like the instrumental in LCD Soundsystems Tribulations as well which is quite wonderful especially when it trips back into the bass and James Murphy starts singing in a lower key it gets me all a-flustered.
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    Albums you loved! ... for a very short time.

    Even though I love Peaches, I Feel Cream became very blah blah blah very quickly. Maybe the shock factor has worn off. Every Britney album has had this effect on me. She is very much about the singles, which incidentally makes her greatest hits quite listenable over a long period of time!
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    Your unpopular pop opinions

    Re: Your unpopular pop-opinions I prefer the Glee Cast version of Don't Stop Believin', and nobody agrees with me on this!
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    Kelis - Flesh Tone

    Re: Kelis - New Album "Flesh Tone" in Spring I've always said quality over quantity. I'd rather have 8-9 storming tracks than 18 ok ones. However if it is 8 duff tracks then me and Kelis will be having words, and she'll no doubt kick my ass!
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    Music is my favourite Madonna album, it's the only album where I like all the songs from start to finish (if I exclude American Pie right at the end!!!) Don't know if that's a controversial opinion or not!
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    Kelis - Flesh Tone

    I absolutely agree, it gets right under your skin and grows!
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    Kelis - Flesh Tone

    Re: Kelis - New Album "Flesh Tone" in Spring Kelis, dance music... someone has been reading my wish book again. Well keep reading!
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    Words that make you giggle!

    Vulva, what a great word!
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    Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers (New Single)

    I hope the video has her wearing a variety of different fashions, pointing and gesturing with just a little bit of dancing but not too much... our Kylie isn't Madonna there'll be none of that vagina's at 12 o'clock nonsense.
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    Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers (New Single)

    There was also the Almighty Remix of Your Disco Needs You. Which was epic. But yes I see your point. I'll still dream though *smiles and goes to Kylie land*
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    I never got it as a kid, and now I've got it I look like the Cryptkeeper. Where's the fake tan?